What’s The Point Of Playing NFL Football On Sunday?

 What’s The Point Of Playing NFL Football On Sunday?


So, what’s the point of playing NFL on Sunday? Wouldn’t it be great to have the Super Bowl on a Saturday? Nah, seriously? What do you think? Well, what I or you think isn’t happening because NFL just stepped into it.

This happened even when the live broadcasting wasn’t started on tv networks. However, in today’s time, we all are dependent on NFL live streaming online so that we can stream our games wherever we want. Let’s come to the topic.

They said that “It doesn’t anticipate switching game day from Sunday.” Not just that, in its history of 50 years, the day hasn’t been changed even not for once. However, fans like me and you and many other people have different thoughts about it. But not everyones’ thought has a verified source.

Even when I had it in my mind, I didn’t get any reliable source that ensures the reason why NFL Football happens on Sunday. So, want to know the history behind it? Let’s not wait and dive into the details.

What’s The Point Of Playing NFL Football On Sunday?

Do you know how professional football started? Let’s recap that in a bit. Actually, as we know, professional football today was started in the year 1920. And at the same time, the most popular football association, “American Professional Football Association (APFA)” was established and started its journey.

At that time, only college football was being played on Saturday, the most popular game. People were waiting to watch games at those times. You should know this history because our solution starts to have appeared through this.

Comments from Popular Authors Regarding NFL Football on Sundays

So, it was a bit awkward for me when I was trying to find out the point of playing NFL Football on Sunday. I was a bit confused because there was no clear explanation, only perceptions or opinions from people about this event.

But then, I started to analyze all those opinions and thought it would be a good idea to discuss them and find out the actual picture so that you can see what happened about NFL being played on Sunday. So, what’s the wait? Hop in.

Opinion from Michael MacCambridge

Besides that, Michael MacCambridge, author of America’s Game: The Epic Story of How Pro Football Captured a Nation, said, “Pro football couldn’t hope to compete with college.”

In that situation, Michael MacCambridge mentioned his words about NFL; at that time, Sundays were free days in the week, and on Saturdays, people were working like regular days. So, APFA managed to play most of their matches on that day.

Now, if you want to move forward 30-years from that, television networks have become broadcasting. And in the 1950s, all television networks were trying to get the opportunity to broadcast those games on Sundays.

Opinion from Richard Crepeau

Another Author Richard Crepeau, who wrote NFL Football: A History of America’s New National Pastime, said, “No one wanted to be on that time,” and also said, “The NFL could offer them live reality television on a Sunday afternoon.”

Connecting to the event based on that, the author has mentioned it in his book is in the below few sentences.

Congress passed a few legal statutes in 1961. Well, it made history, of course. It is also known as “The Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961.” It was made to allow a few broadcastings license among major professional sports.

However, those statutes banned NFL from broadcasting. Yeah, you heard right. But not only that, as you know that Fridays. And Saturdays were the pick days to play games, but for NFL, the law banned broadcasting on those days. Yes, NFL cannot be broadcasted on Fridays and Saturdays during the fall season.

Final Words

The NFL was shown on television on Friday and Saturday, although Crepeau said that “colleges and high schools were a little wary about doing so.”

The NFL conducts some Saturday games beginning in mid- to late-December in addition to the current Monday and Thursday Night Football schedule.

To the question of whether the NFL would ever shift the Super Bowl to a Saturday, MacCambridge believes the answer is probably no. According to him, the NFL has discussed the possibility of extending the regular season by one week.

With many Americans already having that Monday off, the Super Bowl would be moved back one week to coincide with President’s Day weekend. Then, MacCambridge continued, “it takes care of everybody’s concerns.”

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