What’s Trending in Women’s Wallets?

 What’s Trending in Women’s Wallets?


When the word underrated comes to mind, one of the first thing that pops up in fashion is *drum roll… women’s wallets! It is an accessory too many people are not too focused on. However, an authentic fashionista knows that every single piece, accessory and clothing item has to tie in well together and absolutely has to be on trend.

This is one of the most personal accessories in your handbag. Wouldn’t you want your ID, driver’s license, credit cards and money in a beautifully crafted wallet? You can have a range of wallets included in your wardrobe to match with the style you are looking for during the day or at night. Here are few trendy wallets all women should incorporate into their outfits in 2022:

Compact Flap Wallets

If you would like a smaller wallet that provides a bit more space, this is the best trending option for you this time around. Particularly, vintage styling is in with this design, it is simply mandatory for you to have with you this year.

The Leather Case or Wallet

Leather cases are perfect to fit in your cards and some money in. You will have enough room in your handbag and the zipper will make sure your loose coins don’t come falling out! In addition, leather wallets for women is all the rage in 2022! Colours could range from basic beige to royal navy blue. The choices on hues are truly endless. But to keep it trendy opt for the darker or more neutral shades in this style.

The Zippered Wallet

This type of wallet provides more security compared to your average wallet and keeps all your essential items well tucked away. You can get a bunch of playful designs in this style. So get creative with your outfits and let your wallet join in on the fun!

Crossbody Wallets

No, that’s not a handbag or a mistake. Crossbody cardholders and coin holders are becoming increasingly popular just three months into 2022. If you are constantly on the move, need to travel light or simply cannot be bothered to be searching around your handbag. This is the ideal choice for you this year.

Clutch Wallets

They are known as distinctively different things. However, in 2022 a wallet being used as a clutch is what seems to be trending. There are many sophisticated wallets that embrace just enough elegance to be used in place of a clutch for a date night or an important corporate event. Some even have an adjustable and removable strap and can be tucked in with ease. No wonder these type of wallets are on trend!

Colour-Block Wallets

Yellow, white and black or pink, blue and white coming together to shade the surfaces of a wallet with contrasting hues…. yes, that is totally in this season! These wallets are statement pieces that demand attention. The array of contrasting colours gives off a unique vibe and feel to the wallet. It is a definite trendy must-have in 2022. Many celebrities have provided evidence of the wallet’s popularity this time around.

What better way is there to help you tuck your cards and cash away than into a chic and trendy wallet? Go and get one or all now!

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