Launch An OTT Chat App With Whatsapp Clone To Woo Business Professionals

 Launch An OTT Chat App With Whatsapp Clone To Woo Business Professionals

Smartphones literally dominated all our lives in the recent past. Contacting someone from a far off location is no longer an himalayan task. With the aid of smartphones and messenger apps on them you can text them anytime you want. People feel more convenient using messaging apps than speaking over phone calls. This has pepped up entrepreneurs’ spirit to launch their own messenger apps in the market. 

WhatsApp is a leading messaging app that has been a forerunner for several apps to enter the market. Both the app market and people demand an alternative app that can function flawlessly. 

Especially, for business professionals and organizations, they need more functional apps for their business. WhatsApp business is one of the most opted out messaging apps by organizations for their functionalities. Developing a similar application exclusively for business chat is a different concept to hit the market. 

So, I have come up with a blog on developing a WhatsApp clone that can efficiently allure business professionals to send their messages. 

What made WhatsApp come up with the concept of WhatsApp business account?

WhatsApp has undergone serious changes every then and now since its launch. Initially, it charged an annual fee from the users. But, then when Facebook acquired it, the app became free for use. Apart from this, it went on to develop various other new features to the app. 

For quite a long time, it was operating only as a messenger app for sending communications. Other contemporary apps like Skype and Twitter introduced features for business perspective, the very idea of establishing a separate medium for business striked their mind.  The WhatsApp business account was introduced for people to communicate efficiently regarding their business endeavours, share pictures of their products efficiently, send automated instant replies, and more. 

While people with a WhatsApp Business account initiate their conversation with someone, the recipient will get a notification. It will be mentioned that the conversation is started from a business account. This is how they both differ from each other.

How does a WhatsApp Business clone function?

Generally, in messaging apps, there are two categories. The most common one is what we all use normally in our daily lives. The next one is the business app, exclusively used by entrepreneurs to communicate with their customers.  More or less they both are the same but have little variations. These business based messenger apps are generally termed as the OTT ( Over-the-top) chat apps. 

They provide utmost convenience for the professionals to communicate effectively with their customers. The WhatsApp clone will provide convenient and easy texting options for users. They can also connect their app through a web portal and connect them to desktops, laptops and tablets. 

How will businesses get benefitted by your WhatsApp clone script?

Channelizing business communications through a separate forum will always help the organizations to streamline their customers. I have listed down a few benefits of launching a specialized app for business communication. 

It will help corporates build a higher brand value 

The motto of any business entity is to build a strong network with their customers. For which they adopt several strategies to stay in touch with them. The WhatsApp clone will provide a broad platform for organizations to efficiently communicate and interact with their customers. Companies can also utilize this to establish their brand value among the customers. 

The app will conduct several verification steps to assess the companies. So, the customers need not worry about any fraudulent activities as this is entirely trustable for them. 

It builds a better communication bond

Traditional phone calls and SMS have become outdated and people are no longer interested in them.  There are high chances that they might miss reading out the mails sent by the organizations. An app like WhatsApp business clone will provide a forum where companies can text and communicate with their customers in real time. 

Better 2 way communication 

So far we have discussed the benefits incurred by organizations in adopting the app. On the other hand, the customers will also get benefitted from this. Whenever they have any queries, they can quickly initiate a conversion with their service providers. They can easily chat with them in real time and clear their doubts. 

What are the exciting features to incorporate in your WhatsApp clone app development?

When developing your WhatsApp clone script, make sure you have the following features,

Create a Business profile 

This is one of the most important features to include in your app as it is essential to boost up a company brand image. Allow your users to create their profiles using their phone number, email address, website, business description and their address. 

The admin will verify all the information provided by the users and evaluate them. After verifying, they will get their badges near their profile. 

Instant replies

In businesses, there are certain questions that customers used to ask frequently. Instead of typing the answer every time to send them, they can add those replies to their instant replies option. This will save their time and focus on more productivity. 

 Automatic messages 

Whenever companies focus on building relationships with existing or new customers, they can send them automatic messages. When users text them, an automatic greeting message will be sent to them. 

 Label contacts 

For the ease of communication, businesses can categorize contacts and label them accordingly.  It is more like creating groups for the customers. This will help them to efficiently communicate with their customers. 

Create catalogues

Since the major intention of the app is to enhance their businesses with greater visibility, you can allow them to showcase their products. Businesses can display their products in the form of catalogues. Instead of sending product images individually to their customers, they can showcase them in the app. 

Call To action messages 

Interactive messages will tend to attract people easily. As with instant replies, you can also focus on providing call to action texts to allure more customers. The CTA button will take them to a landing page or your website page. This will increase the visibility of their business. 

Wrapping up,

Communication channels play a significant role in everyday life. Businesses spend huge amounts of money on communication tools to enhance their customer support. An OTT chat app will more likely provide a wonderful experience for them to keep up their pace. Approach firms that are worthy to handle your WhatsApp clone development so that your app will surely be the next big thing in the app market.


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