When is the best time to install your fence?

 When is the best time to install your fence?

Not sure when to install your fence? Know that you can install a fence at any time of the year. The ideal temperature range for installing your fence is between 15 and 30°C, i.e. generally from April to October. If it is not forbidden to install your fence at a more or less high temperature, we strongly advise you not to carry out your installation at less than 5°, because these temperatures are unpleasant. At unifloorwpc composite fencing manufacturer, we assure you the installation of your fence via our craftsmen.


Did you know that the weather in autumn is generally good even if the temperature drops? It’s the perfect time to put up your fence, before the trees lose their leaves and the winter cold returns! The hot summer is over, but it’s still warm enough for gardening. This is also the time to enclose your garden and look forward to next spring with serenity. Prepare yourself and be efficient because this period is very changeable and subject to winds and rains!


It is COLD to very cold. Nobody really wants to put up their fence in winter, but to be ready for the good weather; you often have to start early.

Are you very chilly and don’t want to put up your fence in winter? However, do you want to have it at all costs for sunny days? The solution, find yourself at unifloorwpc! This is the turnkey solution, your tailor-made fence manufactured and installed by us.

 Plan to prepare for winter (choice of fence, color etc.) and install your fence in the spring!


Whichever material you choose, spring is the best time to install your fence. Indeed, with the arrival of fine weather, the weather conditions are conducive to working outdoors.

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