When Life Throws You a Curveball: Why You Need a Total and Permanent Disability Lawyer

 When Life Throws You a Curveball: Why You Need a Total and Permanent Disability Lawyer

A permanent disability might sound like an unlikely event, but it happens all the time, and it’s no laughing matter. If you’re living with total and permanent disability, you might be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). However, receiving these benefits may be more challenging than you expect. You have to prove that your disability will last at least 12 months and can’t be improved with treatment, medication, or corrective surgery in order to receive SSDI or SSI benefits.

The impact of TPD on your life

Unfortunately, injuries happen. Sometimes they are worse than others, but there is one type of injury that has lasting effects on your life — total and permanent disability. TPD is an injury so severe that you will never fully recover. It happens when your spine or brain is severely damaged. As soon as it’s diagnosed, you should contact a total and permanent disability lawyer to help you through the process.

Tips to increase your chances of receiving compensation

A total and permanent disability lawyer can help you ensure that you are receiving all of the benefits available to you as a result of your injury or illness. Additionally, if you do not qualify for TPD benefits, then your lawyer can assist in making sure that your loss is being recognized by your employer or workplace insurance provider. That way, when you’re ready to return to work again, you’ll be able to do so without having any major setbacks financially.

·         Seek out disability experts who have had success with TPD cases in the past- but make sure they know about the specific nuances of your type of injury/illness.

·         Don’t let your pride stop you from pursuing every benefit that you are legally entitled to. This isn’t about taking advantage of something that others may not be willing to accept; it’s about your life, health, and well-being. If a Social Security Administration lawyer can help you receive more benefits or open additional avenues for recovery, then why wouldn’t you want them on your side? Hire an attorney who can help you maximize all of your TPD benefits – including any that don’t involve money.

·         Lastly, if your illness is complex or involves multiple disabilities (for example, mental health issues along with physical injury), it can be helpful to work with an attorney who has experience representing clients who have similar medical issues. An attorney will know how best to navigate your unique situation and advocate for you in ways that others may not know how to do.

Where to find the best TPD lawyer in Australia

You may never have thought about this before, but if you’re disabled, it can be difficult to find work. If you already had a lawyer for your case, you’ll need one for these cases too. Here are some questions that your TPD lawyer should answer before taking on your case:

-Have any expert doctors been consulted? -Is the diagnosis of total and permanent disability (TPD) certain or speculative? -Can the insurer convince the judge that I am employable with reasonable effort, adjustment or accommodation? -How is the amount of damages affected by rehabilitation prospects?

 There are certain TPD lawyers in Australia who have dealt with similar cases before. If you want to make sure that your case is up to scratch, hire one of these people. Don’t take legal advice from family or friends unless they are trained in law; doing so may cause legal problems down the line.

There are many factors that you should consider when looking for a TPD lawyer, including whether they have experience working on similar cases. Ensure that your lawyer has previously dealt with situations like yours as it is important for your case to be treated correctly and thoroughly.


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