Where Is The Best Place to Buy Used Golf Balls?

 Where Is The Best Place to Buy Used Golf Balls?

Golf balls are expensive. Buying new golf balls can cost hundreds of dollars. If you want to save some cash, where should you look for used golf balls?

Buying used golf balls is a great way to save money. In fact, buying used golf balls is cheaper than buying new ones. However, finding them can be tricky. There are several places to go to find used golf balls.

Why Buy Used Golf Balls?

Apart from the obvious benefits of savings, there are plenty of other reasons why buying used golf balls is a good idea. For one thing, you’ll feel less guilty when you play with used balls instead of new ones. If you fire a used ball off the course or into the lake, you’ll feel less upset about it.

If you’re interested in playing with the likes of the Titleist Pro V1, Srixon Z Star, or Callaway Chrome soft, then you can get an excellent deal on a large quantity of them.

And, if you’re looking for a cheap way to practice, used golf balls are the perfect tool. They allow you to experiment with different clubs and swings without the fear of wasting hundreds of dollars.

Buying used golf balls is another way to help the environment. Used golf balls mean that there’s less demand for new best high visibility golf balls, which consequently decreases the factory footprint. Every little bit counts.

A used golf ball grading system

It’s helpful to know about the grades because most sellers on the majority of websites will label their batches with them. There are different grading systems for websites, but the most common one is the one that follows these guidelines.

Mint Condition 

Mint condition balls are essentially as good as new. They’re ready for play right out of the box. They’re clean and brightly coloured, with no signs of visible wear, and perform just as well as a brand new ball.

Near-Mint Condition 

The ball has no visible defects, but it may have minor blemishes and lose some of its gloss or colouration.

Value Condition 

Noticeable wear and tears, including scuffs and scratches – but no cuts or breaks. It’s definitely still viable for play. Great for beginners and as practice balls.


Reconditioned balls that have been brought back to a level where they appear and perform as close to new as possible.

Best Places to Buy Used Golf Balls

You might be able to buy some used golf balls at the pro shop of your club, but you’ll find a far better selection and far better prices online. Here are some of the best sites to browse for superb deals when buying used golf balls.

They sell almost any type of golf ball, including Titleist, Srixon, Nike, and even Noodles. You can search for specific brands and/or products or look at the overall quality of the items.

You could easily find sets of premium balls for roughly half their original value. And because they offer frequent flash sales, coupon offers, and ‘5-dozen specials,’ you might end up saving more than that. Free shipping is available for orders over $69, but there’s no minimum order size.

They also offer free personalization on most of their batches, allowing them to customize the balls with images, logos, or text. Most importantly, the balls arrive well-packed, with hundreds of customer ratings attesting to the accuracy and quality of Found Golf Balls’ grading descriptions.

Since 1997, Golf Ball Planet has been supplying used golf balls to golfers all over the world. With so many brands of golf balls available, there’s the potential for big savings on any kind of ball you want.

They also offer free super-fast shipping on orders over $99.99 for both USA & Canada! Many of the customer review reports say that the product was packaged well and shipped quickly. The reviews confirm that the balls are of the same quality as described in their grading system. You can’t go wrong with Golf Ball World.

Lost Golf Balls offers some of the best prices on the market for used golf balls. Their huge range of quality, discounted balls has been a blessing for many golfers who want to save money.

You can also search for specific brands, qualities, and colours. Their deals section is usually worth checking out, as they frequently offer sets of mint condition Pro VIs for an incredibly low price.

Free, fast shipping is available for orders over $69.00. The packaging, speed, and grading system of lost golf balls have been widely appraised.

With an exceptionally user-friendly website and excellent prices on most brands of balls, Golf Ball Direct is certainly one of today’s leading players in the used ball game. They offer a wide range of grades, from ‘refinished’ to ‘new’.

You can shop by brands, grades, models, colours, and women’s. You can also buy in bulk, which could lead to even greater savings. The website updates its offers daily, so be sure to check back often to see what’s on special.

Over in England, Lake Golf Balls are offering excellent service by selling used golf balls. They stock all of their top brands, as well some more budget orientated balls, batching these in different sizes with really generous prices.

Look for their seasonal sales. Plenty of discounted golf balls is available for the taking.

They have a unique grading system – but it’s thorough. There are pearl-graded golf balls that are just as good as new, and there are C-grade golf balls that are perfect for practice rounds. There are also some rejects, which failed their quality checks, but can still be useful for practice. They’re sold at giveaway prices.

Used golf balls are not an exception when it comes to finding good deals on eBay. Most sellers follow the system that we have outlined above, so it should not be difficult to find the exact kind you are looking for.

You can find all sorts of things. Most golfers start out by buying Titleist Pro V1 or Callaway Superhot’s, or even large batches of mixed brand and value condition balls, which they use to practice and/or learn. 100 golf balls for just $30? Thanks for reading.

Final Thoughts

Buying used golf equipment is a great way to spend less money. Since they’re usually just as good as new balls, it makes sense to buy used ones.

If you’re a newbie or just looking for some practise golf balls, then keep an ear out for value condition graded golf balls – you can get lots of them for really good prices. All of the sites we’ve listed should offer a good service, so take a look around and see for yourself just what kind of savings you can get!

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