Which is the best co-ed residential school in India?

School is an important foundation in a child’s life. Every parent wants to give their children the best level of education. School not only introduces the knowledge to the children but also helps in mental and personality growth. Choosing the right school is a concern for the parents. Nowadays the concept of co-ed residential school in india is very popular. In this article, we will discuss it.

What is Co-Ed School?

Co-Ed School or Co-education school is the place where both boys and girls study and grow together under a roof with no discrimination. In ancient times, co-education was not popular because there was gender discrimination. So, many of the girls could not get the education, and few who were rich got by homeschooling. 

In Co-Ed residential schools, students of both genders used to study together and stay in the different boarding houses of the same school. Sometimes, they have a common dining area and some common areas where they can spend their time together.

There are many co-ed residential schools in India and the Asian School is one of the best in them. It is situated in the natural environment of the Himalayas that is Dehradun. There are 16 acres of peaceful and green campus. The Central Board of Secondary Education is affiliated with this school. The students lagging in the study get the extra classes.

The Asian school also comes in the of no. 1 boarding school in India. This school has 4 hostels for junior boys, senior boys, and girls. Talking about its facilities a 25meter swimming pool, gymnasium, 3 sports field, huge dining hall, activity room for the spare time of students. Some mandatory extracurricular activities help the students to find their niche.

Benefits of Co-Ed Residential school

Healthy Competition:- In co-education, students are more passionate about education and professional life. That increases the healthy competition among. As per the study in co-education, students perform better than compared to single-gender schools and also lower the disruption in class.

Character building:–When both genders spend time together, they got to know much about each other and that increases the ethical standards, mutual respect, character, proper grooming among them. These are the key elements for future life.

Help Students to be Independent:- When children are at home, their parents were always there and they become dependent on their parents. But with boarding school, students have to do their work own. Living in a boarding school makes them learn values and skills from other students. Making the bed, laundering, waking on time on their own all are the basic thing students got to know in boarding school.

Socialization:–Students who study in single-gender schools find it difficult to interact with the other gender, the reason being why they had no experience of communication in their life. But with Co-education school, students had interacting with another gender from the early stage of life that boosts their morale in future life.

Support girl Education:–In history, girls could not study but with co-education schools, they are getting the chance to learn with the boys. That increases the opportunities for the girls so they can perform better in the future.

Co-education Improves Team Work:–If students are in co-education school they can do different work like doing assignments, lunch, play, study together. These all activities help in improving the teamwork.

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