Which Microsoft Certification is the correct choice for you? know here

 Which Microsoft Certification is the correct choice for you? know here

Microsoft Azure is the most sophisticated suite that meets almost all the needs of an organization concerning cloud computing.

Created by Microsoft, it has its demand in the world of technology. In addition, Microsoft Azure has multiple certifications that can cater to the dynamic needs of an organization.

Hence, completing a Microsoft certification can land you in a pool of opportunities with a fascinating paycheck.

Role-based Certifications from Microsoft Azure:

There are about nine certifications segregated based on the levels, starting from the associate level to a data scientist; the Microsoft certification helps participants learn and excel step by step.

You can choose your certification based on your organizational level and your current skill. Then, refer to each certification below and choose the Best Microsoft certification course to boost your career.

As we advance, learning technologies have become relatively uncomplicated through online training. Take Microsoft courses online, and demonstrate your digital badge through your social media profiles.

While there are many Microsoft certifications for different domains, they are classified based on:

  • Applications and infrastructure
  • Data and Artificial intelligence

Based on your current role and position, decide whether to choose a fundamental Microsoft certification or a role-based Microsoft course.

Also, as you get into learning, choose the course based on the role you would like to achieve in your career. This approach helps you choose the right Microsoft certification course.

Fundamental level:

  • AZ-900: Fundamentals: Entry level certification to validate the fundamental knowledge of the participant.
  • AZ -103 – Administrator: This is one of the recent courses designed to validate participant’s skills in monitoring, controlling, administrating, and management of Microsoft Azure services
  • AZ – 203 – Developer: This is designed for developers to assess the designing and developing skills.
  • AZ – 500 – Security Engineer: Devised for engineers working on security controls and related infrastructure.
  • AI – 100 – AI Engineer: Designed for associate-level AI engineers.
  • DP – 100 – Data Scientist: Designed to assess skills in data science and AI

Expert level :

  • AZ – 300 – Solutions Architect
  • AZ – 301 – Architect Design
  • AZ – 400 – DevOps Engineer

The responsibilities of each role differ, so are the skills and certifications. Based on your job role, choose the best Microsoft certification course online and excel in your career.

Over the last decade, we have seen how Microsoft has transformed its applications and infrastructure through cloud computing. It has been demonstrating the most comprehensive technologies that maximize the performance of organizations, and hence, it is supported globally.

Who can take Microsoft certification course online:

Below are the job roles that can opt for the Microsoft certification course. However, the certification is not limited to just these.

You can still choose the one for you, even if your job role doesn’t come under one of the below:

  • Azure Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Microsoft Developer
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Security Engineer
  • Cloud Computing Administrator
  • Solution Architect
  • DevOps Engineer
  • AI Engineer

Prerequisites for Microsoft Azure certification

  • Strong domain knowledge is an advantage.
  • Fundamental knowledge of operating systems.
  • Basic knowledge of Networking.
  • Knowledge of any programming language.
  • Analytical and logical skills to understand the depth of each course.

Benefits of being Microsoft certified professional:

  • Getting Microsoft Azure certification is now brought to your doorstep through Microsoft certification courses online.
  • Get certified in the appropriate Microsoft Azure course for your role and demonstrate your passion for your work.
  • As the Microsoft Azure suite is globally accepted, fetching a certification increases your demand in the industry.
  • Achieve growth in your current role sooner than you expect by getting certified in the Microsoft Azure course.
  • The step-by-step structure of Microsoft certification courses helps you learn the technologies and applications involved at the next level through dedication and passion.
  • While the world is confusing with several options and opportunities, you can remain focused and relevant to your current role through Microsoft certification.
  • Being the most advanced technology head, Microsoft dominates much other software in the industry. Therefore, learning the Microsoft Azure course gives you a competitive advantage.

Having all said, taking the Microsoft Certification course online is an assurance that you give to yourself for better career growth and increased salary.

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