Which Sport is the Biggest Business?     

Professional sports leagues are the biggest business, attracting millions of fans who buy tickets and bet on event outcomes. Here are the sports that generate the highest revenue in the industry. 

National League Football (NFL)

In 2019, the NFL’s revenue amounted to $13 billion. This is an impressive amount, even if you account for expenses and overhead. If you deduct those, the revenue was just under $9, but the NFL still leads the pack. 

This is the biggest and most lucrative sports organization in the world. The League Commissioner’s share of the pie amounts to tens of millions every year. 

Some NFL teams are valued at more than a billion. Football is the biggest business today, with large and numerous wagers, match attendance, and televised specials.

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Major League Baseball (MLB)

The MLB is the second-most profitable sport, which might not be a surprise to some. It’s most popular in the US to the point of being considered a national pastime. In the 2018 season, Major League Baseball attracted $10.3 billion in revenue, according to Forbes. This amount was a record for the league, which has been seeing its revenues increase for 16 consecutive seasons. 

Biggest Business: Premier League 

The Premier League, another top revenue generator, is the football league of England and Wales. Both professional and semi-professional teams play in the Cymru Premier National Football League of Wales, which previously went under the name of League of Wales. It changed its name in line with a sponsorship agreement. The Welsh Premier League generated revenue of $5.3 billion in 2018.

National Basketball Association (NBA) 

No list of lucrative sports leagues would be complete without the NBA. It generated around 8 billion in revenue in 2018. After deducting expenses, the net was around $5 billion. Its revenue is also increasing from season to season. Each of the 30 NBA teams has approximately $200 million on average. 

Biggest Business: National Hockey League (NHL) 

Data from Forbes indicates the NHL is generating more funds than ever. In the 2017-18 season, this league brought in an impressive $3.7 billion. After deducting overhead, however, the profit dwindled down to $25 million. 

German Football League (Bundesliga) 

According to Reuters, the Bundesliga generated earnings of $2.8 billion in 2019, up 10% from the previous year. Thanks to solid fan support and contracts with German national media, the development of this professional sports league has become more dynamic than ever before. 

Spanish Football league (La Liga)

The Spanish Football League is catching up to the Bundesliga. It hauled in $2.2 billion in the 2018 season, according to final stats provided by Real Madrid, Barcelona, and a local TV pool. 

There was some decline in major league revenue after 2019 due to the pandemic’s repercussions globally. Still, the sports leagues covered in this article are only going up when it comes to income. With the pandemic’s effects now fading, their profits will start rising again.

Donna Kate

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