Who Can Help Me Sell My House Fast In Los Angeles?

 Who Can Help Me Sell My House Fast In Los Angeles?

Are you in a big hurry because of recurring thoughts of I need to sell my house fast in Los Angeles? Fret not, we are here to ease your mind, and help sell your house fast in Los Angeles. It’s no doubt that even in today’s hot market where you can attract multiple offers in as short a 16days, it takes about 2-months to approach closing (from listing to close).

Unfortunately, if you are one looking to get top dollar for your property, that means the longer time when you account for the weeks needed to clean, paint, and tidy up the property for its market debut. However, if you need to sell your house fast in Los Angeles, you cannot wait out this long timeline. Therefore, you must get creative and figure how to quickly sell your house in Los Angeles.

If you don’t have options, thankfully we do. For starters, you could list your house with a top real estate agent who can get the house sold in a snap. The rarity of such agents leads us to another reasonable option: Sell your house for cash. Cash buyers, local real estate investors are potential buyers who can slash your closing timeline to 10 days.

Sell Your House Fast For Cash

Since selling your house fast for cash in Los Angeles is the only option that allows you to pick the move-out date of your choosing, it’s worth considering. If you really need to get out of that house that’s no longer serving you, you should sell such a house for cash quickly.

Usually, cash offers are something like this: You hasten the process by skipping staging, showings, and sometimes marketing, to jump straight to requesting a cash offer. This way you also avoid agent fees, open houses, inspection fees, cost of repairs/upgrades, talk less of the comfort and ease that comes with selling your house as-is.

Upon receiving cash offers, all you need do is review their price and terms before deciding to accept/refuse the offer. Depending on the type of cash buyer that approaches you, some will still require an inspection, while some will negotiate with you over repairs, other just purchase as-is.

With little or no complication in view or the possibility of the buyer canceling the deal over mortgage issues, you can close in two weeks or less. For more information on how to sell your house for cash quickly, we recommend reading our guide on the process.

The next question that should cross your mind has understood the benefits of selling your house for cash is, who buys houses for cash? For starters, we do! Other cash buyers you will encounter are large house-buying companies otherwise known as flippers. Cash buyers aren’t limited to these companies because there are other mom-and-pop local investors who only buy a few homes per year. Nonetheless, any legitimate cash buyer provides the same benefit of simplicity, speed, and control over the outcome to the seller.

007 Bond-Like Real Estate Agent

Still need to sell my house fast but I don’t like the idea of sacrificing any of my home’s value to do it: there is a way out for you also. Over the past 40 years, cash buyers have paid 12% less on average than a buyer getting a mortgage. So, every seller has enough reason by going with this stat to want to choose other means of selling their property. When you weigh the trade-offs and discover a discounted price for speed is not best for you, you need to look for an agent that can sell your property in a snap.

Listings represented by agents sell for more money. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 2020 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers, homes recently sold with the assistance of an agent went for 35% more (at an average of $295,000) than homes sold by the owner (an average of $217,900).

In simple terms, despite the advantages of selling for cash, a larger percentage of sellers still choose to work with a real estate agent to maximize their home value.

Remember it is a trade-off and you must weigh all options precisely. However, if you choose to work with an agent, you must accept the fact that buyers aren’t likely to pay cash. This means the buyer can chicken out and cancel the deal at any point. Additionally, you will have to find an agent that can get the job done and get it done fast! Essentially, hire one who has a proven track record of selling houses fast in Los Angeles, because experience and a history of successful sales matter big time.

There are other means of selling your house fast asides from these, but should never be embraced.

Short Sales

Don’t be deceived by the name. The “short” in short sales is not referring to time, but money. Selling short means that your lender has agreed to allow you to sell your home for less than you owe on it. In fact, short sales take a longer time to close than regular sales. A short sale can take up to four months and can be as long as two years. Unfortunately, it doesn’t just take long, not all sellers are eligible to short sell their property. So, if you want to sell your house as-is, a short sale is definitely not the way to go.


This is not meant for desperate sellers or banks unloading foreclosure homes. Any homeowner can choose to sell via auction. The disadvantages surrounding this means are too much to even consider for a fast sale because you have no control over the price just the minimum bid. According to Forbes, it takes between 45-60 days to sell via auction, that’s not fast enough. Lastly, not all properties can be auctioned.

Do you need to sell your house fast for cash in Los Angeles? You have numerous options. As much as selling a house has a reputation for being overwhelming, getting it done fast can be tasking. But you don’t have to leave your selling fate to chance, choose the path you want, be the sole decider of how much profit you want to make except you’re working with an agent. 

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