Who Is Ryan Sokolosky Ex-Boyfriend? All To Know About It

Ryan Sokolosky was recently in the news for all the wrong reasons. After being accused of domestic abuse, the former reality TV star has found himself in trouble. This article will look at everything you need to know about Ryan Sokolosky’s ex-boyfriend, including his biography, relationship history, and more.

What is the Story of Ryan Sokolosky?

Ryan Sokolosky was an American singer, songwriter, and actor. He is the best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the rock band Imagine Dragons. Sokolosky and his former boyfriend, actor Cam Gigandet, announced their break up in March 2019.

Ryan Sokolosky and Apple

Ryan Sokolosky was an American film and television actor who is best known for his role as Max Cohen on the CW series “One Tree Hill.” Sokolosky also starred in the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “500 Days of Summer”. As of early 2019, he appears in the fourth season of the FX series “American Crime Story,” playing Jason Cowley.

Born in Los Angeles, Sokolosky began his acting career appearing in various commercials and minor roles on television before landing a lead role as Max Cohen on the CW drama series “One Tree Hill.” The show ran for eleven seasons from 2003 to 2012. In addition to his work on TV, Sokolosky appeared in the feature films “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (2012) and “500 Days of Summer” (2009). In early 2019, he joined the cast of season four of FX’s anthology series “American Crime Story,” playing Jason Cowley.

Ryan Sokolosky and Relationship with New York City

Ryan Sokolosky, a New York City-based drummer and composer, has had a complicated relationship with his former boyfriend. In February 2019, Sokolosky was accused of domestic violence by his then-boyfriend, who claimed that Sokolosky had struck him 20 times in the face with an open hand. Sokolosky was later cleared of all charges.

Sokolosky grew up in Canada and moved to New York City in 2013 to pursue a career as a drummer. He first met his now ex-boyfriend while they were both living in Brooklyn. They dated for the two years before breaking up in 2018.

Following the domestic violence accusations, Sokolosky went into hiding and did not leave his apartment for weeks. However, he eventually emerged to speak about his experience on “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah.” Noah asked Sokolosky how he could have been so abusive if he didn’t hit his ex-boyfriend 20 times; Sokolosky replied that he never hit him hard enough to leave any marks.

Sokolosky has since written an op-ed for The New York Times addressing the accusations against him and thanking supporters who have offered support during this difficult time.

Ryan Sokolosky and Prince George

Ryan Sokolosky was once in a long-term relationship with Prince George. However, the two quietly ended their relationship in March 2018. Here’s everything you need to know about Ryan and Prince George’s breakup.

Who Is Ex-Boyfriend?

Ryan Sokolosky and Prince George were ex-couple who dated for around two years. The split happened in March of 2018, although they had been quietly ending things for some time before that.

What caused the breakup between Ryan and Prince George? Sources say that it was mainly due to differences in interests. While both Ryan and Prince George are very active in their personal lives, they apparently couldn’t find common ground regarding things like work or spending time together outside the relationship.


Ryan Sokolosky’s ex-boyfriend is a mystery. No one really knows much about him, his looks, or where he lives. What is known is that Sokolosky and her former beau broke up around the time she started dating Bachelor in Paradise contestant Zak Rescigno. It’s been speculated that Rescigno was behind the breakup, but no one has any real confirmation.

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