Why an Employee Lawyer?

 Why an Employee Lawyer?

Employee advocates, or lawyers, stand up for the right of employees to ensure such employees are not abused, exploited, or taken advantage of. Employees in California have certain rights, such as the right to a fair wage, rest and meal breaks, and others.

California’s employment law requires employers to provide a safe and conducive working environment to promote the welfare of employees. That said, you should consult employee advocates in California if your employment rights have been violated.

Services offered by Employee Attorneys

Employee advocates or lawyers help ensure the rights of employees are not violated as aforementioned. Besides champing the right of employees, employee attorneys have other duties, such as:  

1. Legal Representation

It’s always advisable to consult a legal professional specialized in handling your legal situation. In other words, it may not be a good idea to file a legal action or consider litigation without legal representation. An employment attorney can assess the facts of your employment issue and recommend an ideal legal solution.

It’s never easy facing your employer in court because you might lose your job in the process, besides other serious consequences. That said, you might need the services of an employment attorney to avoid such situations.

2. Interpreting the Law

Legal professionals study law to help them understand its application hence, solving their clients’ cases. It’s always advisable to hire a legal professional, particularly if you lack a legal background. An employment attorney can help interpret employment law and ensure that your rights are not violated.

3. Filing Legal Action

Initiating a legal process is not easy if you don’t know how to. Consequently, you would need to be helped by someone conversant with filing legal action. Who would that be besides an employee advocate?

Benefits of Hiring an Employee Lawyer

Contacting a lawyer for your legal issues is advisable since they’re the expert, particularly in legal actions. It should be noted that some situations will not need legal representation. However, there are many instances you’ll need the help of a legal expert, including lost claims, breach of contracts, personal injury, wrongful termination, wrongful imprisonment, and much more. The benefits of hiring a lawyer include:

  1. Legal Knowledge

Employee advocates understand employment law and its application–meaning they can help you with such issues. Also, legal professionals understand legal processes and procedures that a layman may be unaware of, such as court protocol, what works and what doesn’t, common pitfalls for failure, and much more. Legal technicalities can cost a solid case even when the case appears straightforward.

  • Experience

Lawyers encounter similar legal situations every day, and they might have encountered a case similar to yours. They’re also familiar with what works and the measures to take for your case. Did you know that most lawyers can foretell whether you’ll win or lose a case?

  • Legal Advice

Since lawyers are the experts here, you should take their advice positively. A lawyer can help you understand how the law impacts your situation and recommend the appropriate legal options available for your case.

  • Court Protocol

You might struggle with court protocol if you don’t have a legal background. Filing a case can also be challenging considering the paperwork that must be done in a specific way; a procedural mistake can infuriate the jury and impact your case adversely.

  • Legal Connections

Lawyers have networks of professionals whom they consult in certain situations. These professionals include investigators, doctors, accountants, and much more. Experienced lawyers understand the psychology of the jury they work with, meaning they know what works for the jury.

Qualities of a Competent Attorney

Did you know that not all lawyers are cut for the legal professional? Research shows that many people have lost promising cases thanks to unscrupulous lawyers and legal professionals. The choice of an attorney will impact the outcome of your legal situation. Consequently, you should watch and evaluate the qualities of your attorney for the best outcome. The qualities of a competent attorney can include:

1. Role Model Behavior

  • Proactive and contributes to new ideas.
  • Reliable, available, and trustworthy.
  • Honest and oozes confidence.
  • Helpful in different other matters (multi-tasking).

2. Competent Attorneys Ooze Positive Energy

  • Motivates clients even when there’s no hope.

3. Competent Attorneys Possess Good Organization Skills

  • Great managers in all issues.
  • Excellent file management skills
  • Works methodically.
  • Time management and meeting deadlines.

4. Good Lawyers are Passionate

  • Passionate about law for efficiency.

5. Good Lawyers are Excellent Communicators

  • Proficient in the language of communication, written and verbal.
  • Comfortable with emails, video calls, telephones, and audio calls.
  • Attentive and Keen to Details

This means that your lawyer should be:

  • Meticulous/ punctilious attention to facts and details.
  • Updating the client constantly.

Employee advocates champion the rights of employees in California and that’s why you should consult them if you think that your rights are being violated at the workplace.

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