Why Are Drupal and Kentico Good CMS Options for Your Business in 2022?

 Why Are Drupal and Kentico Good CMS Options for Your Business in 2022?

Picking out the right website development platform for your business is challenging, especially when there are dozens of options to choose from. However, some of them have always been evergreen, and their popularity is the witness for it. Yes, you assumed it right. It’s Drupal and Kentico we are talking about. These two web content management systems (CMS) are well-known for their versatility and are famous for developing feature-rich business websites.

However, when your website is the face of your business, it’s apt to consider all the factors before choosing a web platform, such as its features, reviews, and the tools it offers. So, if you are looking for the benefits you would get with Drupal or Kentico development services, you are in the right place. This blog will guide you straight to the features of both the popular content management systems. So, let’s get started!

Drupal: An Overview

An exciting thing about Drupal is that it is widely popular as a CMS; however, it is a content management framework in reality. You can use it as a web framework and build a custom CMS on top of it. It is one thing that makes Drupal unique and a little special from other regular content management systems.

With Drupal, you can develop your CMS from scratch, entirely customized and completed with pre-built themes and modules. You can easily define almost all the elements, including views, fields, type of content, workflows, and much more using the point and click process.

What Makes Drupal a Good CMS?

So, let’s forget for once that Drupal is a web content management framework consisting of some exciting technical features, and assuming it to be a CMS, what would you be looking for in it? Well, here are some things (that you might have considered too) a good CMS must have:

  • Interactive and user-friendly interfaces
  • A good range of handy CMS tools
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Control and authoritative rights for different levels of users
  • SEO-friendly
  • Enhanced security and customer support

Key Features of Drupal

Perfect for a streamlined mobile experience

You might be familiar with the fact that your website must work smoothly on mobile devices and desktop versions to get higher ranks. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a CMS that offers a streamlined experience on smart devices too. Drupal is perfect for this, as it consists of several in-built themes and modules to build responsive and user-friendly web interfaces. Apart from this, Drupal web design tools appear as the cherry on the cake.

Get multilingual support with Drupal.

Since Drupal is worldwide popular, it comes in multiple languages to make the development tasks easier for developers from different locations. From the documentation to the interfaces, almost everything is available in many languages.

Platform Independent

Whether you want to configure Drupal with Linux, MySQL, or Apache, Drupal goes along well with all the platforms, OS, and frameworks. Since Drupal is platform-independent, Drupal web development has become one of the top choices for a significant portion of business owners and developers.

Content and workflow management

Drupal consists of workflow and moderation capabilities with which content collaboration becomes pretty straightforward and easily manageable. You can also create steps to mark content revisions and approvals according to your needs.

You might have understood how amazing Drupal as a CMS is. Now, let’s have a look at our second player, Kentico.

Kentico: An Overview

Are you looking for a CMS to build high-tech, fast and feature-rich business websites, eCommerce stores, and intranets? If yes is your answer, then don’t think for a second and choose a Kentico development company to create a robust and highly responsive website.

But why? Why would you go for a CMS you don’t know much about (if you don’t)?

Well, two words can answer this question: Versatility and Compatibility. Kentico uses ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL servers along with Visual Studio and Portal Engine to develop interactive and attractive websites. Moreover, it is also compatible with Microsoft Azure and many other web services, making it a highly versatile content management system.

Key Features of Kentico That Makes It a Good CMS

Consisting of a wide range of marketing automation tools

Kentico offers web admins a wide range of automation tools to automate, analyze, and optimize marketing campaigns. You can look after your visitors and specify them into prospects or leads with these tools.

Inbuilt A/B testing

The best thing about Kentico is that you do not need any third-party testing tool to test the components or performance of your website. The CMS has an inbuilt A/B testing feature with which you can examine an unlimited number of web page versions. Moreover, you can also perform real-time monitoring of your ongoing tests.

Incorporated email marketing

What’s better than having a CMS that can be used as a marketing tool? Kentico comes with a dedicated email marketing app with which you can create, handle and share interactive, engaging, and influential marketing emails to your customers. You can also create email campaigns to promote your products and services via emails.

Deliver personalized content to your site users

Kentico also focuses on personalized content distribution to the site users to encourage customer engagement and retention. The analytics tools available in the CMS analyze the preferences and interests of users and deliver tailor-made and relevant content to them.

Final Thoughts

There’s much more to the Drupal and Kentico systems than these few features mentioned in this blog. However, these are well enough to understand how beneficial they can be for your business. These content management systems have attractive points; it’s up to you which one you choose according to your business needs.
Are you still confused about which one to choose? Consult a proficient web design company today and get a powerful, engaging, and user-friendly website for your business.

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