Why are house prices rising so fast in a pandemic? Effect of covid in the housing market

 Why are house prices rising so fast in a pandemic? Effect of covid in the housing market

Property values, one would think, would have dropped as a result of the pandemic’s economic calamity. This is what was predicted for 2021, but the forecasters were completely wrong. The real estate sector, on the other hand, has experienced a significant boom, with house prices jumping by nearly 12% year over year! 

Property for sale in Manchester especially saw prices skyrocket in recent times. Read on to know why, or how, property values continue to rise despite high inflation and high unemployment.

Low interest rates

One of the key reasons for the growth in housing prices is low interest rates. The Bank of England kept its base rate at 0.1 percent to deal with the pandemic problem. This allowed brokers to provide very appealing low-interest mortgages, which were in high demand. Even cheaper rates were provided as a result of the competition. As a result of the increased demand for property, housing prices have risen.

For higher earners, several banks have increased their mortgage loan amounts to 5.5 times their salary, with relatively low income stretch mortgage rates. As a result, some people in higher income brackets have begun to invest in real estate or more real estate. Property valuation plays a major role in mortgages. To be able to get a property valuation ensures that you are able to borrow the maximum amount possible. If the property you are interested in is in Manchester and then contact a local agent for property valuation in Manchester for best results. 

The Stamp Duty Land Tax Holiday:

The stamp duty land tax holiday, which was implemented in 2020, was a fantastic incentive for people to invest in property, especially since it was phased down until the end of September 2021. The government’s 95 percent mortgage programme, which was also implemented, poured gasoline to the flames. The reduced stamp duty, combined with cheap mortgage rates, drew in potential buyers like bees to a honeypot. As a result of the increased demand for real estate, prices have risen as well.

People were forced to work online, from home, throughout the pandemic as a result of the lockdowns. This has sparked a movement toward change and a higher standard of living. Despite the fact that life has returned to some kind of routine, many people continue to work from home, either full-time or part-time. As a result, there has been a demand for larger, more spacious accommodations, as well as a corner for an office. Independent homes with outside and garden space for recreation have become increasingly popular, particularly in suburban and rural settings. As a result, there has been an increase in the price of such residences.

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Unexpected savings

During the lockdowns, many expense outlets, such as restaurants, pubs, shops, and entertainment places, were shuttered. As a result, consumers did not spend as much as they had previously. Some people were able to save a significant amount of money. With the desire to relocate to larger and more comfortable residences, some people have put their savings into real estate, resulting in an increase in property sales and, as a result, property prices.

Property prices will continue to rise as long as the demand for property significantly outnumbers the supply. Demand comes from a variety of sources, including first-time buyers, second-home buyers, and professional investors. The “race for space” – to buy real estate before it becomes more costly and to “cash in” on good mortgage terms – has resulted in a rise in demand, which has led to an increase in costs!

Rental market

Many people have migrated to suburban or rural areas because they prefer independent housing to apartments. However, as a result of the successful completion of the Covid immunisation programme and the return to a more regular lifestyle, demand for rented housing has increased.

The student rental market is in high demand as colleges and universities reopen. With an eye on a successful ROI, prospective buyers and landlords have taken advantage of decreasing rates for flats and apartments (return on investment). With the increase in demand for leased housing, prices will climb as well.


House prices have been skyrocketing so far. The end of the furlough arrangement, however, has resulted in a decrease in monthly revenue. People are finding it more difficult to save appropriate amounts of money as a result of the high cost of living. Interest rates are anticipated to rise as inflation rises. Mortgage interest rates will rise as a result of this.

If this happens, there may be a minor slowdown in home purchases, causing prices to level off and not grow as quickly as they have been. Of course, this is only a prediction, and we all know how forecasts don’t always pan out. So, while property purchases may be down, the “bricks and mortar” industry has remained popular and has always been a strong investment option. It remains to be seen whether housing values will continue to grow.

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