Why Are Welfare Van Services Needed?

 Why Are Welfare Van Services Needed?

Employees may spend over half of their day at work, so giving them a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable environment is essential. A welfare vehicle can not only keep your employees happy, but it can also help you save money. Here are some of reasons that will help you understand why welfare van services are essential:

The legal requirements

The UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulates workplace safety, health, and welfare. HSE also investigates industrial accidents and occupational risk.

All employees are expected to be safe and healthy at work, regardless of location. Remote and retail workers need the same basic welfare amenities as office workers. Every workplace must provide the following:

  • Toilets and hand basins with soap, towels, and a hand-dryer
  • You can store clothes, change, rest, and eat in designated areas
  • Water supply
  • These areas should also be maintained in good condition.
  • Ventilated well, with air from the outside or a ventilation system
  • At a moderate temperature (typically at least 16 degC).
  • Clean with proper waste containers. Clear of obstructions.
  • Well lit
  • Working from home

Peripatetic or transient workers work from a different location than their usual work base or have no fixed base. These workers may be engineers, plumbers, road workers, or electricians who often work in dangerous environments and face challenging conditions. 

They won’t be located in the closest vicinity of basic facilities. They could work in remote industrial or rural locations. These workers can use the welfare van with a pump-out toilet as a mobile restroom to ensure they are happy, healthy, and alert.

Employee safety

Safety is essential for employees at work. However, if your job is located on a highway, quarry, or construction site, it can be more challenging. It is important to have a van for welfare on-site when rest facilities are not possible.

Comfortable work environments can increase employee productivity and morale and decrease absences due to sickness, stress, or injury. Absences from work can lead to loss of skilled labor for your company, which can quickly result in slipping work schedules or dipping profits.

Workplace accidents can cause serious injuries, or even death, and can have serious financial and legal consequences for the company.

How Can welfare van hire help?

Companies can hire groundhog units to get the necessary vehicles without spending much capital. A contractor may require a welfare van if awarded a significant contract or when engineers are deployed to remote locations. However, it may not be necessary again after the project is completed.

Our welfare vehicles have every facility that can make you feel like you are at home. We can provide vans with towable vans, 6/7/8 Seat Welfare Vans, 15 Man Canteen Office, Toilet Emptying Facility, 7 Man Welfare-Unit, and more for various industrial use.

The experts of LAE Welfare Solutions are also available for all-inclusive servicing, maintenance, and servicing. You don’t have to worry about your welfare van being fixed. Contact one of our experts at any of our depots for welfare hire nationwide or repair them. We can also come to you 24 hours a day in an emergency.

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