Why Automobile Industry Needs a Missed Call Service?

 Why Automobile Industry Needs a Missed Call Service?

Do you want to improve customer satisfaction?

Are you willing to improve customer loyalty and create advocators of your brand?

The automobile industry is evolving and growing in various sectors, including distribution, tech development, design, engineering, sales, marketing, and maintenance. The increase in traffic on the roads is proof of growing automobile demand. Even through the increase in diesel and petrol prices, the automobile industry soared.

This advancement means that the number of customers owned and served by every automobile company is now expecting more than ever. We are catering to the unique needs of a large audience. Using a missed call solution can help you fulfill user demands and offer the utmost satisfaction. Let’s see how:

Why a Missed Call Solution Can Help the Automobile Industry?

In the automobile industry, especially, the sales and marketing teams are responsible for ensuring high demand, more leads, more conversions, and optimum services. With such pressure, how can your team fulfill user requests?

We can use a missed call service to help customers connect with the brand, engage, and receive help regarding their challenges.

1. Time Management

With a missed call service, you can ask your customers to simply leave a missed call to you to get a resolution. They don’t need to wait long to talk to a representative or struggle to fill a query form. Simply, dial a virtual number that automatically disconnects once you receive details.

2. Better Lead Generation

Generating quality leads with a missed call service is a blessing for your sales team. Your customers have an option to connect with you without facing any challenges. Since the process of reaching you and receiving detail is so easy, you are able to improve intermediate communication with the client.

You also have the power to track the ROI of your marketing leads. This helps you improvise and strengthen your lead generation in the future.

3. Data Verification

With a missed call service, the IVR is automatically able to verify calls received by your company. In the automobile industry, this helps verify the identity of the user and ignore spam and fraud calls. When you are able to verify data and mobile numbers in this way, you can avoid various fraud calls and reduce the time spent talking to a customer who is not interested in your service.

4. Better Connectivity

In a call center, your customers call you and you use the routing algorithm to divert the call accordingly. However, what if all the representatives are busy and the customer doesn’t want to wait?

In this case, missed call solution helps you create a queue and revert to user demands without failing. The user doesn’t need to wait on hold for a long-time and the representative can cater to the user in an organized manner.

It is also possible for automobile leaders to integrate CRM data with the missed call solution. This way not only you can reach out to every customer who is leaving a missed call, but also follow-up using data-driven insights and solutions.

5. Easy of Survey Execution

If you have an amazing Facebook or Instagram survey idea in mind, integrate it with your missed call service. Ask your users a simple question and allow them to give you a miscall if they agree. This way, you can record responses, update your database, and receive results for analyzing the survey.

6. Advanced Analytics

A missed call solution helps you track performance and missed calls. For example, with the help of these comprehensive monitoring and analytics dashboards, you can know the health of your lead generation strategies.


A missed call solution from any well-known, leading provider like Knowlarity can help you improve your communication, survey aptness, and consumer service efficiency.

Knowlarity is a cloud communications provider offering a range of cloud services at cost-effective pricing ranges. They offer customized missed call services to help you increase lead generation, advance customer relationship management, stay available 24*7, and improve the interactivity of customers on social channels. Know more about the missed call solution here.


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