Why AWS Certification is Important for Your Career?

 Why AWS Certification is Important for Your Career?

Why AWS certification is important for your career?

AWS certification is great for your career because it guarantees a specific set of skills and expertise, which are important in the ever-shifting tech landscape. Amazon offers just about everything to consumers nowadays, from cloud products and other services through its AWS platform. This means that someone with AWS certification will have knowledge of those services, as well as an understanding of how those services need to be implemented for businesses to succeed.

What is AWS certification?

AWS certifications are extremely important if you’re interested in working with the cloud provider. AWS certifications provide you with the opportunity to become a specialist and increase your chances of landing an exciting new career. These opportunities can also lead to increased salary, in addition to getting an industry-recognized credential that will always help you stand out in today’s job market!

Why do you need an AWS certification?

There’s no single answer, because it depends on what kind of work you want to do and how experienced you are. Some fields require candidates to take specialized qualifications that may take years to complete. Others may accept qualifications earned through informal apprenticeships. Ultimately, a large number of professionals in any field will take on training while they learn the skills they need to excel.

Certification is a means of demonstrating to employers that you have the expertise to handle tasks that are specific to your field. There are many reasons to get certified, whether you’re looking for a job in your field or simply want it to boost your career prospects. But certification certainly can help with those goals, which is why we recommend it so highly.

Major benefits of getting an AWS certification

If you’re currently thinking about getting your AWS certification, it’s certainly worth a look. The benefits of having an AWS certification include increased credibility, increased job opportunities and sometimes even better pay. Here are some of the advantages to getting your AWS certification:

AWS experts are in high demand

AWS experts are in high demand because of the rapidly competitive nature of the cloud computing industry. Amazon controls 33 percent share of the cloud computing market, which is three times more than one of their biggest competitors.

You’ll likely earn more

As an AWS cloud services professional, you’ll be well prepared to earn more. According to a recent Global Knowledge survey, AWS certification training increases the average salary of respondents by as much as 25.9 percent. Certified professionals reported an average annual income of $113,932 USD, while non-certified professionals earned $90,512 USD on average.

A certification demonstrates commitment to the profession

A certification demonstrates commitment to the profession. It also distinguishes you as an expert in your field. A certification is a formal, documented statement of completion for a specific body of knowledge at a certain level. This level of commitment takes time, effort and commitment from someone who wants to receive a certain level of recognition.

AWS certifications can be the fastest and easiest way to gain technical skills

If you’ve got a full plate, but you also have ambitions and want to further your training in a technology field you’re passionate about, an AWS certification can be the perfect compromise. An AWS certification isn’t too time consuming or difficult to earn if you put your mind to it—and it can be a great way to showcase your expertise.

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Most popular AWS certifications

AWS offers several certifications for professionals looking to advance their skills in the cloud computing industry. There are certifications for both entry- and mid-level professionals as well as for experienced technicians. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level and make a difference, contact us today to book a free consultation on which AWS certification is right for you!

AWS Technical Essentials Certification

Certification in the AWS Technical Essentials is perfect for IT developers and SysOps administrators, or even someone who is brand new to AWS and looking to get fully trained in the basics. The complete training course will help you understand your role with AWS and how to move forward towards becoming an expert in the platform.

If you’re a student looking to get a jump start on your AWS technical career, this course is for you. This AWS Technical Essentials course from SSDN Technologies is designed to train students on various AWS products, services, and solutions.

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