Why buy spiral notebooks?

 Why buy spiral notebooks?

One need not be a student to be fascinated with stationeries and books. Certain people are fond of it and remain a lover till the end. Then few love the smell of the stationeries and books and keep them souvenirs instead of other valuable products. There are various brands and offerings from books stores and companies. From stylish looking products to simple and sober useful ones, one can name it and have it. Spiral notebooks are one such product loved by stationery lovers. It’s not only an attractive piece of stationery but has its uses as well. These notebooks come in handy, from writing notes to stories to using them as chits to various other works. Available in multiple prices to multiple patterns, these notebooks charm their way through hearts.

What are spiral notebooks?

Spiral notebooks are books made out of many papers. These are used for writing anything and everything. A wire holds these papers in the book in a curved manner. These wires get through the holes in the form and cover page and tie it up tightly without letting any piece get out. 

Spiral notebooks are portable and carried to schools and offices. These are highly flexible and easy to use while writing notes. Due to the curved wires attached, it is elementary to turn the pages and write down assignments, notes etc. Another name for spiral notebooks is Coil binding; these are widely used to prepare schools and colleges projects. Spiral notebooks are one of the primary essentials of a school/college going student. 

What is the difference between a notebook and a spiral notebook?

There is a vast difference between the notebook and spiral notebook as strings or pins tie one up while another uses coiled wires. Although both the books are used for writing down notes and journals, both are not used for the same thing. Notebooks are used on an everyday basis, while spiral notebooks are used at times for specific work. One can buy spiral notebooks and notebooks from online as well offline stores.

Types of Spiral Notebook available in the market:

There are various types of Spiral notebooks available in the market. One can buy spiral notebook from different apps for stationery shopping. 

Erin Condren Palms Notebook- 

This customized spiral notebook is a laminated one and can be designed by the customer itself. There are plenty of designs and patterns available, and one can choose from them. The book has 160 pages, and everything is available for changes, be it the cover, paper or colour. It is a little expensive, though.

Blue Sky Lined Notebook- 

This book is priced at $10 and has a simple balco cover.Quite popular amongst all the spiral books, this one is very aesthetic and is normal-sized.This notebook has 160 pages, with a yearly calendar, contacts, resources, and perforated notes and idea pages.

Rocketbook Core- 

This notebook is priced at $48 and is designed to give one a traditional pen to paper feel. This has a cloud services facility attached.

This spiral notebook has a complimentary Pilot FriXion pen and a microfiber cloth for writing and erasing. Cleaning this book is very easy as only a drop of water and a material is used. 

Rite in the Rain Waterproof Notebook- 

This notebook is priced at $11 and is weatherproof. Available in small squares, largest squares and larger grids, these books are pretty popular among customers. If water spills or tea by chance, the strong cover holds it up from spoiling the papers beneath.

Milko A5 Spiral Notebook Pack-

 This book is priced at $11 and has multiple notebooks. These spiral notebooks help be organized and have multi-coloured divider tabs. Available in different colours and transparent covers, these books are quite a hit too.

Lastly, buying spiral notebook is very easy as it can be purchased from online stores. These books are pretty cheaper comparatively and are as per one’s interest and budget. These books are highly customized and available in different colours, designs, patterns and have varied uses. These spiral notebooks are quite a hit amongst youngsters as they are affordable and relatively easy to carry everywhere.

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