Why choose IGCSE and Best International Schools in Singapore for your child?

 Why choose IGCSE and Best International Schools in Singapore for your child?

A common worry that haunts parents today is finding the right school and the right curriculum to secure their child’s future. Most parents know how competitive the world is becoming and they know only a good education system along with the right skills can help their children to be successful in future. So choosing the right board becomes extremely important as it can have a significant impact on a child and its knowledge. 

So do you want to provide a curriculum to your 14-16 yr old teenager that can open doors for them around the world?

IGCSE curriculum is the most opted one by the parents. Continue reading to know the best IGCSE school in Singapore.

What Is IGCSE Board?

Being governed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations; the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme is structurally designed to facilitate the holistic development of the child. It is a rigorous curriculum where assessments are designed to evaluate the overall knowledge of the child.

IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification; a gateway to higher education in any country. It is an intensive middle year programme that provides a solid foundation for higher studies.

GIIS is one of the Best International Schools in Singapore that offers IGCSE and other national and international curricula like CBSE, IB PYP, IBDP, Cambridge lower Secondary. IGCSE gives the freedom to choose a course of study that is right for your child and their career goals or further education.

You can always check the list of subjects available on the website of the IGCSE school in Singapore.

Here are some quick benefits of enrolling for IGCSE school in Singapore

  • It is for students in Class 9 & Class 10 and serves as a precursor for the IBDP in Class 11 & Class 12. 
  • Get placement to the top university in any country
  • Better career opportunities
  • You will pass language tests especially while studying abroad
  • You will develop skills that will help you in the longer run
  • The IGCSE exam process is more straightforward.

Things to know about IGCSE school in Singapore and a few tips for parents and children to evaluate and plan the future course of study of IGCSE.

  • IGCSEs is a 2-year program where oral and written assessments are done along with practice exams and coursework.
  • You have the choice to choose from 70 different subjects depending upon the school. English is a compulsory subject to gain a global perspective and learn global research.
  • Students can learn from different books in order to increase their knowledge.
  • The IGCSE curriculum and IGCSE school in Singapore is suitable for all types of students. Even the students who are not so good in studies can manage to achieve grades C to G and students who are excellent in studies can choose the extended curriculum which has more challenging content where they can score grades A* to C.
  • The exam papers are all set centrally in the UK and assessed using international standards and grades. Results are usually posted 2 months after the final exam submission.
  • The IGCSE educational framework is based on international standards so if you as parents have plans to settle abroad or your child has plans to study abroad then moving to other countries and getting adjusted to their educational standard will be a cakewalk for them
  • Due to the choice of subjects and the elaborate content structure students find it easy to adapt to other courses without facing any skill gap. 
  • IGCSE serves as a great foundation for advanced international courses like IBDP. 
  • Best International Schools in Singapore encourages logic-based learning. The application-based hands-on experience in IGCSE Curriculum prepares the students to handle challenges involved in advanced courses or higher grades.  
  • Cambridge courses and curriculum are accepted and valued by many top universities and recruiters around the world.
  • IGCSE helps students to develop skills like creativity, problem-solving and inquiry-based learning rather than rote learning which is necessary to suit the global ways of learning, helping in transition easier and faster.
  • IGCSE offers both core basic level and intensive challenging specialised level to suit the needs and interests of different types of students.


If you are struggling to choose the best curriculum or framework for your child then IGCSE has a good hold of academics as well as skills to support them in higher studies.

Best International Schools in Singapore offer a great and robust programme for IGCSE where students have shown consistently good results. Their education system is robust and solid to help students gain good quality elementary education to pursue higher studies without any hindrance.

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