Why consumer behavior is related to product packaging?

 Why consumer behavior is related to product packaging?

When venturing on the journey of business and entrepreneurship, one of your top goals is customer satisfaction through quality products and the finest services. Success in this field depends largely on user feedback and response because if your target audience isn’t happy with your product, the product will attain a bad reputation, causing the business to plummet into a loss. Product packaging is a component of the product itself because it plays a bigger role in marketing than recognized; making it important to make quality boxes that leave the customer satisfied with the value he’s paying.

-Packaging marks an impression

Picture yourself walking around the aisles of a store, your eyes falling on hundreds of products on the shelves. You will be drawn to a set of products that are packaged creatively and emanate class rather than tacky products tossed on the shelves with hasty or no packaging. This scenario explains the way that packaging affects product selection by the buyers. If your boxes are made up of hard, durable material, it gives off the impression that your brand does not compromise on quality whether it is the product itself or the case it is enclosed in. Secondly, visually appealing boxes draw attention to the product as well.

-Customized packaging captivates attention

“It is always a good idea to customize your packaging boxes according to the goals of your establishment.” Said by the experts at KingCustomBoxes.com. Printing the brand name, logo, and tagline help in the identification and promotion of your brand. Pleasant graphic designs and soothing colors printed on the boxes also pull buyer attention. Designing might be tricky because it should be done according to the target audience, for example, elegant colors and minimal graphics with lavish decorative techniques like embossed and engraved logos attract an audience looking for classy, luxury products; whereas, popping colors and exciting patterns receive more attention from kids and teens.

Both ways, packaging determines which set of customers would be satisfied with your product.

-Durability of packaging is linked to customer trust in the brand

While choosing packaging materials, it is important to keep in mind all the services that the customer requires reassurance for. One thing to understand is that anyone who pays for your product is not going to compromise on the most important trait –the quality of the product.

High-quality packaging is important in this regard because it preserves the quality of the product. Protection from damage is the primary role of packaging and the materials chosen during manufacture are important to ensure that this role is fulfilled.

  • Cardboard/paperboard boxes are very commonly used because these materials are not only strong enough to safeguard the products inside, but they are also highly print-friendly, due to which you can promote your brand on the boxes.
  • Fiberboard boxes are another durable option that looks chic and are self-evident of quality services promised by the brand. Derived from wooden fibers, boxes made out of fiberboard are tough and resistant to stress, deeming them perfect for fragile products especially for the packaging of bulk items.
  • Kraft paper boxes are another useful and highly functional packaging option because Kraft paper is made from 100% recycled material, making it attractive towards people following the “go green” initiative religiously.

If you are wondering where you can find these perfect custom packaging services, check out ZEEPackaging.com, offering all kinds of quality boxes that are certain to gain positive feedback from your customers!

-How customer satisfaction is related to informative packaging

While buying a product, people are concerned about what ingredients the product is made of, whether or not there are potential allergens that might compromise their health and if the product sits right with their values and beliefs. Providing information on the packaging makes it promising to the customer and develops a trusting bond. The more informed the customer is, the more confident he or she will feel while buying the product. You can inculcate trust and reliability by:

  • Printing information about the product like the manufacturing process and which materials were used to make it.
  • Printing manufacture and expiry dates.
  • Printing brand information like initiatives, logos, taglines, and web addresses, letting the customer associate the feelings of trust with your brand.

-Personalized packaging creates a positive customer experience

The more you communicate with your audience, the more attached they will feel to your brand. Personalization adds character to your brand and its targets. For example, adding instruction pamphlets, business cards, and thank you notes elevates the customer’s mood, imparting the impression that your brand is invested in making the customer happy with what he shops. Boxes packaged with custom tapes, stickers, and ribbons as well as Kraft paper tags that contain a message or punch line from the brand also receive positive feedback.


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