Why Demand For Women Truck Drivers Growing in USA

 Why Demand For Women Truck Drivers Growing in USA

Have you ever fantasized about chasing the sun while driving on the highway? On the road (OTR) driving is a thrilling experience. But this rarely comes true for women due to the gender barrier. 

As a woman, you hardly imagine taking a career that covers most of the hours on the road. It is not because you are not interested, but the responsibilities of home, family, and above all due to safety issues, women try to avoid this career. With time, the culture is changing too in the trucking industry. In the USA, women are choosing their way into an adventure on the road with trucking jobs. 

The demand for women truck drivers is considerably growing in the US job market. The trucking culture is changing in the US job market. If you go back and look at the trucking industry of the last few decades, you will see a shift in the dominance of a single-gender. Typically, we consider trucking and CDL jobs for males only. 

Looking Back to the History of Women Truck Drivers

Have you ever heard of Drennan Truck Line? Although we notice the recent change in the trucking industry, women have been blazing the trails since the 1920s. The history will let you know Lillie Elizabeth McGee Drennan was the first-ever woman to earn a driving license long back in 1929. And her own fleet of trucks was known as the Drennan Truck Line. 

Back in the time of World War II in the 1940s, women were encouraged to join the trucking industry. They became the main careers of food and other essential items to the country.  Due to changing political and economic scenario, the plight of women truck drivers have changed but from the 2000s, a new ray of hope has been seen in this field again.

Women as Truck Drivers

Bridge the Gender Gap

Opportunities are everywhere! The gender barrier kept the women from reaching such opportunities and making a wonderful living. But from the beginning of the 21st century, a change in this trucking driving jobs is seen in terms of this gender barrier.

Women are choosing and achieving good careers in trucking jobs. In the United States, there are a total of 10% women truck drivers based on the Women In Trucking Association statistics. This data shows a 2% increase in women drivers since 2019.  

Great Earnings

Yes, trucking jobs are one of the highest-paying jobs in Hawkins TX. If you compare a desk job and a trucking job, you will easily get the idea. Therefore, many women are now in the trucking industry. They are joining for the great salary and the perks that come with these jobs. 

Though earlier, there is no encouragement, now the scenario is changing in support of women. Many women in the US are single mothers, widowers, divorcees. These kinds of family situations force them to choose a career by breaking the stereotype of having good pay to survive. 

Amazing Benefits

When you enter the trucking industry, you will know how many perks they offer for drivers. The number of perks you will get in trucking jobs is incomparable to any other office job. 

  • Tuition reimbursement 
  • Pet policy
  • Good home time
  • 401K retirement policy 
  • Holiday package with family

Along with that, in trucking jobs, you will get to drive the company’s vehicle. It means no need to worry about vehicle and vehicle maintenance. Further, you will get to drive newer vehicles less than 18 months old. Therefore, choosing a career in trucking is always full of good benefits. 


Trucking is not a job; it’s a lifestyle for many. You get on the road and travel across the country full of adventure. This is a dream for many to have a trucking career where you get paid for driving all over the country.  In the case of women, it was not possible earlier. They were always restricted to their household chores. But now, they are coming up, living their dreams like never before, and enjoying this life on the road.

High Number of Retirement

In the US, the last two to three years have seen a great number of retirement. The generation back in the 1960s to 1970s are retiring from the trucking industry.  Therefore, one can find a high demand for truck drivers in the USA. Women are taking this opportunity to make a career in trucking by showing their excellence in driving. 

Also, as the trucking industry has a huge demand for drivers, they encourage people to join the industry without restricting gender or sex. 

No Age Limitation

If you look at the current scenario in the US trucking industry, you will find women in their mid-40s, and early 50s are joining as truck drivers. Truck driving jobs in the US have no hardbound criteria for an upper limit of age. This becomes a golden opportunity for many women to choose a career after retiring from their office or desk jobs. 


The ongoing pandemic teaches us that in times of emergency, whether you are a man or a woman, you all are equally important to society. Women truck drivers are there to help the community by supplying essential items. During this pandemic, many drivers quit their jobs for different reasons. To fill the gap, women truck drivers are considering joining the trucking industry and doing their job by serving the community. 

Wrapping UP

When it comes to jobs, we always see a gap between men and women. Why? Aren’t we in a modern society with modern thoughts? Choosing a career on the road is still a struggle for many. Let’s break the gender taboo and create a society with the freedom of choosing any job they want. Hopefully, we can see some changes in the culture; the percentage of women in trucking is increasing. It’s a ray of hope and encouragement for the coming generation. 

If you have a passion for driving on the road and becoming a truck driver, get your CDL first. The US job market is now open for anyone without any discrimination based on their sex or gender. Find out the best companies like CR England, U.S. Xpress, May trucking, etc., and get started with your on-the-road lifestyle now. 

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