Why Do Runners Get Injured? And How To Fix It With The Help Of A Chiropractor

 Why Do Runners Get Injured? And How To Fix It With The Help Of A Chiropractor

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Injury is a common problem for runners. But, did you know that by working with an experienced Chiropractor Christchurch you can help to prevent injuries and speed up your healing process? In this post, we’ll discuss why runners get injured and how chiropractic care can help. So, whether you’re just starting out on your running journey or you’ve been at it for years, be sure to keep reading!

Causes of Runners to Get Injured


Some runners inadvertently push their bodies too hard and try to do too much at once. They train too often, take on excessive mileage, or simply don’t allow enough time for their bodies to rest between runs. This overload can lead to a number of injuries, like Achilles tendonitis or iliotibial band syndrome. So if you’re trying to increase your running speed and distance, consider focusing on quality rather than quantity in your workouts. Alternatively, create more recovery time between runs (it’s important!), incorporate cross-training into your routine, and consult with a local chiropractor Christchurch about how you can start training smarter so that you can eventually run longer distances without injury.

Structural imbalances

When you’re training, your muscles and bones need to be working together properly. If they aren’t—meaning they are out of alignment or misaligned—that can lead to all sorts of problems down the road, including injuries. That’s where a chiropractor Christchurch can help: his or her expertise is in identifying and correcting imbalances that could be contributing to pain and injuries. Plus, like any good physical therapist, a Christchurch chiropractor will keep an eye on other things that might affect your running health, such as how well you sleep at night (because if you don’t get enough restful shut-eye, it affects how you feel during runs).

Shin splints

Chiropractor Christchurch

One common injury among runners is shin splints. These are caused by muscles and tendons in your shins not having time to adapt to running. They are also likely to flare up if you try to increase mileage too quickly or if you run on a hard surface without proper shoes. If you’re getting shin splints, see a doctor; over-the-counter anti-inflammatories won’t work forever and may end up causing more harm than good. Also, get fitted for new shoes from a real runner—not an employee at a running store who just works there after college and hasn’t been on a real run since his sophomore year of high school (trust me). Your feet will thank you.

Sitting with the knee bent for a long time.

You’ll usually be asked to fill out a health questionnaire, which includes questions about your diet, exercise habits and any pain you’re currently experiencing. The doctor will also ask you some basic questions about your medical history to rule out major red flags that could put you at risk for complications during treatment. He or she will also examine your back and may Chiropractor Christchurch X-rays or other imaging tests. After determining what could be causing your pain, your chiropractor can work with you to devise a customized treatment plan based on specific exercises or stretches to help ease aches and pains while strengthening weakened muscles.


Here is an overview of what you can expect when visiting a chiropractor Christchurch. Your chiropractor will begin by asking you questions about your medical history and current symptoms in order to make a proper diagnosis. Then, he or she will perform a physical examination to identify where there are any irregularities within your musculoskeletal system (the parts of your body that connect to one another). These anomalies may include ligament sprains, muscle injuries, joint pains, spinal disc herniations, and other problems. After these findings have been recorded on paper or in electronic format, they will be compared against any previous records that have been taken before. Using these findings as evidence helps chiropractors make additional judgments regarding which areas of your body are more susceptible to injury than others.

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