Why do Students Plagiarize Assignments?

 Why do Students Plagiarize Assignments?

Today, most students are aware of the fact that Plagiarize is a bad idea. It’s no secret that most people don’t have the requisite skills to properly incorporate other people’s work and credit it. We all have to learn from somewhere. It is okay to pick up the right sources and take out what you need from them. But when it comes to learning, it means learning. You are not allowed to copy and paste the whole content from anywhere and use it as your own. If you are a student and don’t know the right paraphrasing and citing skills, it is better to order a custom dissertation writing service uk online.

Even as the penalties for copying are becoming more severe and the methods to detect it are getting more advanced. Still, the risks of plagiarizing are not slowing down. It has maintained the momentum and is continuing to rise while the theoretical rewards remain the same. But on the same page, students are getting caught and advised with punishments. They cannot escape plagiarism. It has become a very tough task to run away. Plagiarism is now considered online stealing and there are laws that land you in hot waters for the crime. However, students are taught at an early age to avoid this mischievous act and now you know the reason behind it.

Reasons behind Students Plagiarizing Assignments

There are various reasons why students plagiarize the content for their exams. We have compiled a few of them below.

Lack of Interest

Most of the students have to take courses they are not interested in. It kills their motivation to write assignments and research over different topics. You cannot force a student to produce quality assignments. Such papers are produced when students are interested in the topic. If you take the example of Alan Walker to write an assignment on space sciences, where would he stand? It is not about grades. It is about interest. When students are not allowed to choose the assignments they are enthusiastic about, they end up taking the assistance of the internet and are called guilty of plagiarism.

When students are interested in the project they are assigned, it brings them joy to write about it. They never take the assistance of other’s work and pend down their own papers. You will always see creativity sprouting out of such students because they are doing what they are supposed to do. You can never make a fish fly. Leave students alone and let them choose what interest them. You will never see any Plagiarize in the content that is submitted with their will. So, why would you turn them into what they are not? Don’t spoil students and let them be whatever they want to be. It will help in reducing the number of plagiarized assignments prominently.

Bad Time Management

Bad time management can also lead to students plagiarizing their academic work. Professors might assign students with overwhelming work, but they do provide them with a deadline as well. Students who do not take that deadline seriously fall prey to plagiarism. They start writing their papers one night prior to the submission date and you all know good things never happen overnight. There is no time for them to carry out good research and pen down plagiarism-free assignments. Therefore, they have to take help from the internet. When they end up stealing content online, it makes them guilty of plagiarism and professors mark a big “F” on their papers.

If you really want to free students from Plagiarize, the first thing you need to do is to make them realize how important time is. Time management can help them in different aspects of life. It is one of the grave responsibilities of students to stay aware of the deadlines and manage their time accordingly. A student who is not good at time management can never get better at academic life. Plagiarism is the only way he can complete his assignments which are obviously going in vain. So, if you are a student who usually ends up plagiarizing content, try to manage time effectively and take out a big enough part from your busy life for research and writing purposes.

Role of Fear

Fear is another vital reason behind plagiarism. More and more pressure is placed on students to perform well. Keeping up with their academics is a top priority for them, as they are dependent on them for fellowships, careers, and even their status. Not all students are good writers, and those who are good at writing usually may lack confidence in their abilities. No good academic reputation means no good future.

The temptation to cheat increases for students who need a certain grade but aren’t convinced they can get it, honestly. Despite the fact that it sounds absurd, there is a logical explanation.  In their minds, if a student believes he or she will fail, they are already dead. They are less likely to die since they have at least a possibility of getting away unnoticed when they use plagiarism. Something is better than nothing and taking a chance with plagiarized assignments is better than failing the course. That’s how fear drives students to plagiarize content.


Regardless of whatever excuse you put forward, we all know that plagiarism is not the right way to get the job done. Whether it is out of fear of failing or because of time management, plagiarism is not acceptable in either way. It is considered an online crime and you are stealing someone’s intellectual property while attempting it. So, being a student, try to avoid plagiarism. If your academic papers are becoming trouble or you are unable to complete your pending dissertation, hire professional dissertation introduction examples available online instead of submitting a plagiarized paper.

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