Why do we travel?

 Why do we travel?

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Would you like to know what are the reasons why people travel ? Do you want to know what motivates you to discover new, exotic and little frequented places? Still don’t know why you made that last trip ?

The motivation that drives us to explore, escape and discover new cultures, landscapes and peoples, are only 9. And yours is included there.

Do you want to know what type of person you are according to your motivation to travel?

What is tourist motivation?

The tourist motivation is the impulse we have to travel and decide a place. It is related to the expectations we have of our destination, our vacations, but this concept is more than that.

Characteristics of the tourist motivation

Without going into depth, suffice it to say that to understand this concept it is important to highlight that:

  1. The motivation to travel must be understood by attending to the psychological needs of the users but not focusing its importance in the short term, but in the medium and long term. For this reason, it is understood that the expectations by which people travel are related, not only with the place, but also with its values.
  2. The behavior of the tourist , that is, yours and mine, meets various needs, therefore the causes, although categorizable, are diverse, for example: economic, time, family, health, …
  3. The reason why we travel , or people travel, attends to aspects that vary in time and place. In summer it is more common for an Andalusian to travel to the north of Spain fleeing the heat, precisely because he has been near the beach all year and wants to enjoy the Asturian forests.
  4. And finally, the best reasons to travel, the nature of motivation . In other words, some people travel for social prestige, have more “likes” in their social photos, … and others travel for the simple fact of traveling, to enjoy and grow with the experience of knowing new places.

The 9 Reasons why we travel

Travel companies, hotels and even public administrations try to understand the functioning of the tourist’s brain in order to use attractive messages through neuromarketing techniques to attract their attention and make them decide on their destination.

Surely you have also decided on a place by following these “suggestions” that finally motivated you for one place and not for the other.

And it is that the reasons why we travel are almost infinite, as many as people, but that, to the amazement for some, can be classified into 9 categories. Yes, only 9 motivating reasons are what drive us to decide on one country or another, a city, or an environment.

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  1. Recovery and regeneration . Some people look for places that allow them to recharge their energies, either disconnecting from their daily routine, or experiencing new sensations that allow them to recharge their batteries. Traveling has a cushioning effect that recovers us from stress and tension . For some, practicing climbing or caving is a way to disconnect, while for others, lying in the hammock is enough. It is what is understood by active leisure or passive leisure .
  2. Compensation and social integration . There is an increase in this type of travel where tourists seek to compensate for some aspect of their lives, for example helping needy people in the third world gives them a feeling of well-being, usefulness and integrative capacity that makes them connect in some way with human aspects that, in their day to day, they may not find.
  3. Run away and escape . All variants of this motivation have been used by many travel companies. Escaping, hiding, entering the wild and unique, meets an animal need that prevails in us precisely with the intention of “taking control of our lives.” The city, politics, traffic jams, the crowds that come and go, employment… All that and more, causes in us a lack of freedom that we try to break when we have vacations. Our life is a prison from which we try to escape by following basic instincts.
  4. Social relations . An interesting tourist motivation, and that somehow makes us disconnect and improve our social circles, is precisely that of reestablishing or strengthening ties with family, friends or even meeting new people. Very important if we feel like we are having a daily routine with too much time alone. In addition, maintaining social ties strengthens our self-esteem , so it is also a healthy way to travel.
  5. Sexual motivation . It is common to find destinations stigmatized by an unpleasant fame such as sex tourism, especially when crimes are committed. Some countries like Cuba or Thailand suffer these consequences, although, it is true, it belongs to a strong motivation that brings enough income to their countries.
  6. Learn new things . Some people travel for educational, training and didactic purposes, for example when we make trips to museums, monuments, churches, … we try to learn and discover unique places and acquire knowledge directly and not through books or videos.
  7. Freedom . One of my favorite motivations is this, the freedom to choose, experiment and do, without having obligations, lack of time, borders or limits that prevent me from moving freely. It would be difficult to explain, but feeling the freedom in wild and unexplored environments is an almost spiritual motivation.
  8. Self-realization . This traveling motivation is important when we try to improve ourselves by seeking inner self-discovery and personal development. Either overcoming a challenge, facing adversity, or doing a personal project.
  9. Approval and prestige . Unfortunately it is one of the most frequent thanks to social networks. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but traveling is something from which we can enrich ourselves internally and share the place where we’ve been all the time on social media, it’s a superficiality. Traveling to expensive places in order to look and feel superior can be saying a lot about our personality.

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