Why Do Women Love Wearing Opal Gemstone Jewelry?

 Why Do Women Love Wearing Opal Gemstone Jewelry?

Do you many a times struggle with stress? What if I told you a gemstone could solve your problem? Yes, you heard that right! Opal can give you a sense of security and curb your stress and tension. Counted in the most beautiful gemstones in the world, it has a flash of colors. The shimmering hues and the intensity of the colors look so appealing that the Romans were fascinated by it. There are so many legends related to it, and there is more to this gemstone than just the flash of colors. You know the gem is quite trending and is going to rule the market for a long time. In this blog, we have tried to cover almost all aspects of the gemstone you need to be knowing. 

Uses Of This Gemstone

The gemstone is beneficial to a restless mind. It is a stone of protection that guards the wearer against negative thoughts and energies. It protects you from situations that can harm you or hurt your feelings. The gemstone is considered a blessing for mothers as it vanishes the fears related to childbirth, pregnancy, and handling a new baby’s life. The gem will fill you with love. Opal is associated with love and passion, and it amplifies feelings. Because of this reason, opal jewelry can be a perfect gift for your loved one. A set of opal pendants and studs can be a perfect option to gift to a loved one. Opal ring are so popular choice for wedding bands. You can check out the exclusive collection of opal rings at Rananjay Exports. They have gemstone jewelry in the latest and classic designs. 

The gemstone has quite diverse qualities like it can help boost creativity and is considered beneficial to wear opal during work. 

Physical Features Of The Gemstone

When we talk about the color of the gemstone, opal has a rainbow of colors. However, it is broadly divided into three categories:

White/light opals: The display of colors in this variety happens against a transparent, milky, or white background. These are pretty common, but their show of color is excellent. 

Black or dark opals: You will see the colors against a dark background in this variety. These are very rare and are mostly found in Ethiopia and Australia. 

Fire Opals: These show colors against a bright yellow, orange or red background. Some stones in this variety have play-of-color deep within the stone. 

The play of color in an opal happens because of the structure of the gem. It contains tiny silica spheres that bounce off the light that falls on it since opal has no light of its own. Interesting right! Red opals are the rarest and most value out of all the hues. Besides the array of colors, the gemstone also has color patterns. It is because of these color patterns that no two opals are the same. 

Warm colors are more in demand, and in terms of clarity where saturation, hue, and tone are considered, the pure and bright color is deemed to be valuable. Factors like the degree of transparency and inclusions also determine the clarity of an opal. The gemstone can have sand particles, fractures, and other impurities. 

The Gemstone In Jewelry

Opals are mostly cut as rounded or oval cabochons when set in jewelry. Opal earrings are loved for their elegant and unique look. These look pretty feminine and appear best at night events. Wear them with your cocktail dresses, and these are indeed to garner you a lot of compliments. An opal necklace has a glamorous appeal to it. Cocktail size stones for opal bracelets can give it a statement appeal.

Zodiac For The Gemstone

Opal is for the people born in October. Since the gemstone brings the positive traits to the surface and amplifies them, it is known as an Amplification stone. Librans love balance and harmony, and wearing opal jewelry enhance these qualities in their life. 

The gemstone is also beneficial for Scorpios as it helps them achieve a balance of emotions. It works on their heart chakra and allows them to believe in themselves. 

To gain maximum benefits from a gemstone, you have to keep it close to your skin. You can wear it in everyday jewelry. Opal looks good in silver and other white metals. Just make sure you don’t keep wearing it for a long while in the Sun, as the stone can develop cracks. When storing this gemstone jewelry, keep it wrapped in cotton with a few drops of water in it. 

Where To Buy Genuine Opal Jewelry?

Finding authentic gemstone accessories can be difficult, but Rananjay Exports is known for its genuine gemstone jewelry. Their jewelry is crafted in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil and is made with excellent craftsmanship.

Opal ring has a lovely shine and a beautiful texture, with water inside the stone. The Opal rings are used as the engagement ring in many countries, as the ones who cannot afford the diamonds can buy this stone, and even this stone shows the play of colors, which seems very astonishing. It is also believed that this stone will enhance the couple’s love and give them a joyful life even after. Check the collection of Opal rings at Rananjay Exports and become one of the best sellers selling the Opal rings.

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