Why do you need to consult the best Vastu Expert In Delhi?

 Why do you need to consult the best Vastu Expert In Delhi?

Vastu Shastra, which is another phrase used to illustrate the “science of architecture,” is a Sanskrit remark that contains a plethora of concepts concerning architectural design.  It includes the aspects of space and layout of a home. Buildings that are built by adhering to the principles of Vastu Shastra are perceived to provide a significantly more auspicious and serene living space. 

It also provides a strong and positive energy balance, making them ideal for living a peaceful life. Furthermore, Vastu Shastra is sometimes also known as the yoga of design, and its principles are derived from the ancient Indian knowledge that created Vastu vidya. However, if you are not consulting the best Vastu Expert In Delhi then you might end up taking the wrong precautions while designing your home.

So, let’s go through some useful Vastu tips for a safe and prosperous living space: –

1. Keeping a Tulsi plant at the entrance of your abode is considered to be auspicious and considered to bring positivity to your home. The fundamental reason for keeping a Tulsi plant is that it is believed that it has a connection with Lord Vishnu and thus, many people worship it. Tulsi plant is known to devour all the negative energy and enhance positivity all around.

2. It’s always forbidden to leave open shoes at the entrance since it is believed to attract negative energy and creates a significant imbalance. The ideal degree to place a shoe rack is either southwest or west.

3. One of the most significant rules in Vastu shastra is that one should never sleep by keeping their head in the North direction. It’s presumed that by sleeping while keeping our head in the Northern direction, we might face sleepless nights and other physical problems.

4. The clocks within a room should always work and according to Vastu Shastra people should hang wall clocks in the North, West, or Eastern direction. Hanging the clocks in these directions will bring new opportunities, however, keeping a green clock might do the opposite. 

Following these Vastu tips can make your home even more peaceful. However, talk to the best Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi before incorporating any of these aspects into your new home.

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