Why Does My Carpet Smell Worse After Cleaning?

 Why Does My Carpet Smell Worse After Cleaning?

Why Does My Carpet Smell Worse After Cleaning?

Have you noticed a lot of dirt accumulating your carpets or have you been smelling your carpet’s unpleasant smell from the other room? Well, then you realized that your carpets need a thorough cleaning. So, like any other careful homeowner, you thought of cleaning your carpets or getting them cleaned by professionals. But even after the thorough cleaning, the smell is not leaving the carpet and in fact, it is getting worse than before? 

Today, we will let you know why an unpleasant smell is still coming from your carpet even after a thorough cleaning session. 

Reason Why Your Carpet Smells Like A Wet Dog After Cleaning

One of the obvious reasons for a smelly carpet even after deep cleaning is that your carpet is still wet. When your carpet is not dried in a proper manner and moisture is still present in the base of your carpet’s fabric. Then your carpet is prone to water damage and mould problems. These are the reasons behind the musty smell your carpet’s generating. 

For new carpets, In most cases, the unpleasant smell is eliminated immediately after your carpet is fully dried. So, make sure you do the required to dry the carpet if you are not looking forward to mould growth and future problems. However, if the smell is not leaving. 

However, if your carpet is old and the smell is not leaving then this might be a sign of your breaking down of your carpet’s underlays. This means it is time to say bye-bye to your old carpet and replace it with a new one. 

How Well Did The Carpet Cleaners Clean The Carpet? 

Professionals should make sure that they do not overwork the carpet. However, irresponsible professional cleaning methods can also be the reason behind your carpet’s odour. The causes that lead to carpet overwetting. 

  • The machine the carpet cleaner used was not good enough to extract the moisture from the carpet. 
  • The carpet cleaner was unprofessional and did not have the required experience 
  • The cleaning method involved the usage of a lot of shampoos or cleaning detergents that were not rinsed properly after the cleaning.
  • Their carpet cleaning process did not involve carpet drying as a step so you left the carpet to dry on its own. 

Therefore, it is essential to book a Steam Carpet Cleaning Service after doing thorough market research on the company and knowing how reliable they are. Make sure the professionals who are cleaning your carpets are doing a good job by keeping all of the above-mentioned things in mind. 

Home Remedies For Smelly Carpets After Thorough Cleaning 

  • Baking Soda: Baking soda can easily absorb your carpet’s unpleasant smell. Just sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet for a few hours then vacuum the residue. 
  • Vinegar: Vinegar can also be used to absorb the odour. Put a few bowls of vinegar all around the carpeted area for a few hours till the vinegar does its magic. 
  • Humidifier: If you have a humidifier or can afford one then you can use your humidifiers to eliminate the smell. 
  • Dry: A wet carpet is a big reason why your carpet is smelling. So, use fans or any other means of air circulation to dry your carpets. 

Recruit Proficient Carpet Cleaning Professionals

It is highly important to book a reliable carpet cleaning company to ensure high-quality services and curb any risks of future problems. The most credible Best Carpet Cleaning Company In Adelaide. We have been in the market for years and our longstanding reputation is why you should give us a try. So, reach out to the best professionals and book a carpet cleaning service at an affordable price today!

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