Why Employers Need to Install Monitoring App in Employees Phone

 Why Employers Need to Install Monitoring App in Employees Phone

Employers are in constant fear of a sterile office environment because it’s the only barrier holding them from success. There are multiple other reasons apart from this that provoke the need for an employee monitoring app. Employees don’t offer 100% of their work and quickly get distracted when managers not around monitoring them.

A manager can’t keep on top of everyday activities in the office. On top of that, an employer can’t focus on every individual worker closely. Hence the wise decision is to install a monitoring app on employees’ phones so you can keep tabs on them even when you’re not around. For example, you can get details on the projects you have assigned them by monitoring their work.

These tracking apps offer access to mobile applications such as social media. For example, you will find out who is cutting slack during office hours by monitoring the time employees spend on their phones. As a result, employers can prevent major crises when they know the problem in advance.

What is employee monitoring software?

Employee monitoring software is used to monitor employee’s smart devices rather than relying on the old workplace monitoring strategies. However, micromanaging is way more different than spying on the worker’s smartphones. For example, you will give space to your employee while working in the office, but at the same time, you know what exactly is happening in the office.

Generally, the employee monitoring app offers features that make it easy for the employer to sort out things. In addition, the results of the spying applications are in real-time, which helps in making quick and effective decisions. The features include email tracking, performance monitoring, social media monitoring, screen time, office tools spy, etc.

Why do employers need to install in employees’ phones?

A study held by International Data Corporation has stated that around 40% of office employees use the internet for personal usage. It means that the searches they make are for entertainment, or they use the internet to spend time on social media. In this 40%, some people use office devices for unethical usage; for example, they watch inappropriate content or deceive companies.

Employees who have access to company secrets can leak them or attempt fraud if you won’t monitor them. There is a long list of why an employer might need the monitoring software. Here are some genuine reasons for company owners to install a spyware.

Improve employees’ productivity:

Employees don’t give their 100% in the office unless you monitor them all day long. And when it comes to working from home, it is impossible to expect them to do their best during work.   

Hence when you use the android monitoring app, it gives you details on what your employees are doing during office hours. That will help you divide their work and push them to do better, resulting in improved employee productivity.

Detect weakness in your business:

You can’t expect every employee to be perfect at their work. Every individual has their flaws, and you as a manager need to figure them out to fix them. There is no better way to do this than getting an employee monitoring app and track their every movement. It will help you identify where they do wrong so you can give better orders in the future.

Block distractions from the employee devices:

In most cases, employees waste office resources for their stuff; for example, they use the internet for social media surfing, searching bad content, etc. You can use employee spy apps to block such distractions so they can focus on only work. For example, you can block inappropriate websites, block social media apps, etc., to avoid distractions.

Prevent business frauds:

Business frauds are common in the corporate world, and mostly it’s caused by inside involvement. Employees that have access to company accounts and secrets are more likely to commit fraud. They’ll transfer money from the company’s account to theirs behind your back.

They can share business secrets with the competitors for money and betray you. With the spy app, you can keep close tabs on them and find out who is the deceiver in the office. You can track their emails, calls, accounts, etc., to ensure they’re trustworthy.

Secure your private data:

Client information and company secrets are enormous assets to businesses. You can’t afford that they get leaked and fall into the wrong hands. As an owner, your priority should be to protect your private data from staying in the competition.

You can set keyword alerts on the places you’ve stored your data, and whenever an outsider tries to access any information, you’ll be informed. You can also track your employees to ensure they’re not approaching private information without your consent.

Spy on remote employees:

It is challenging to spy on remote employees because you’re not there with them to make things happen on schedule. That’s why an employee monitoring app is essential for managers to have complete control over their workers from a distance. You can check their daily progress report, detect their location, and much more. In addition, you can remotely block apps and sites to avoid distractions from miles away.

Is it legal to spy on employees?

It’s a ubiquitous and essential question that “is it legal to spy on an employee?” and its answer depends on the user’s purpose. For example, if an employer uses it to improve their business growth or secure their data, it is legal to do so.

But simultaneously the employee consent is essential; it means the workers must know in advance that they’re being spied. Most countries provide legal permission to companies to install android monitoring apps on company-owned devices. 


Employers have numerous responsibilities to run a successful business, and at the same time, they’ve employees to monitor so they work in the usual manner. With the increased number of companies operating from home, it has become essential for managers to use tracking software to do half of their work. Such as, the monitoring apps will record employees’ daily activity during office hours and report the user. That way, you can ensure progress with full knowledge of what’s going on in the office. With spying software, you can reduce many issues and run your business smoothly.


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