Why Is Health And Hygiene In The Construction Sector Important?

 Why Is Health And Hygiene In The Construction Sector Important?

Although health and hygiene in construction may seem simple, most supervisors are well aware of their importance. There are times when these concerns can be overlooked because of other pressing matters, such as the completion date or arrival of new materials. If you can take a proactive approach from the beginning, a little bit of housekeeping can make a big difference. Before we get to the benefits of welfare man unit facilities on construction sites, let’s look at some valuable tips.

How do identify and eliminate hazards?

Cleanliness is as essential as godliness, and this observation is especially relevant regarding hygiene and health in the construction industry. Site supervisors and workers should be able to identify potential hazards. These hazards could be as simple as a blocked walkway or more challenging situations such as the presence of combustible gasses. It is much simpler to fix a minor issue than to deal with a more significant, expensive, potentially dangerous problem.

Slips, Falls, and Accidents

Falling is one of the most common injuries on construction sites. It is essential to identify any potential hazards. These are some professional tips to remember:

  • Make sure you clean up spills immediately.
  • Watch out for oil leaks or other dangers.
  • Make sure that your work surfaces are clean and level.
  • When working at height, use the rule of two men.
  • Make sure your employees have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

These steps can help to avoid most construction-related accidents.

The Essential Role of Portable Welfare Units and Washing Facilities

A portable welfare unit is one of the best ways to deal with the situations mentioned earlier. There is no better solution for construction health and hygiene. There are many reasons welfare units are so important. The most obvious is their ability to prevent cross-contamination. Sanitation is more important than ever, especially with the current outbreak of coronavirus. LAE Welfare Solutions’ units are designed with greater flexibility in mind. These are just a few of the amenities they offer:

  • Fully equipped toilet and washing facilities.
  • A canteen for employees.
  • When you need them, mobile toilets are available.
  • You have the option to choose office-equipped units.
  • LED lighting.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Walls and ceilings that are fully insulated.

You can also choose the size and capacity of these welfare centers based on your organization’s needs. You will find the best options for welfare 4 hires, from 6-men units to 9 men’s welfare vans. Not only this, we have a wide range of welfare units, including 15 Man Canteen Office, Toilet Emptying Facility, 7 Man Welfare-Unit, and 6/7/8 Seat Welfare Vans so that you can pick a suitable one. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Mobile welfare unit hire is the best option for those who need welfare facilities in remote areas such as construction sites. Because they can not arrange permanent welfare facilities such as washrooms, a place to rest, a kitchen, a canteen, and more. Just contact us at LAE Welfare Solutions and book your towable welfare unit hire.

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