Why Is Proper Warehouse Rack Design Important? An Overview

 Why Is Proper Warehouse Rack Design Important? An Overview

The demand for warehouse space is increasing, with the US projected to need another one billion square feet by 2025. Unfortunately, the current increase in demand means you’ll pay a premium price for your current warehouse space. To keep your costs down, it’s essential to choose the right warehouse rack design. 

When you get it right, you and your company will enjoy several benefits. 

Efficient Space Utilization 

The right racking system will help you maximize your available storage space. Choose a warehouse design that will let you utilize the available vertical space for more storage. You can take a look at these designs to get a better idea of how you can use the vertical space to your advantage. 

More racks mean more space for storage. You can now keep more inventory in your warehouse. 

Stay Organized 

With better use of space, you’ll be able to organize your inventory better. You could arrange goods in the manner that works best for your company. Perhaps you need to store goods by type. 

You could also arrange them by sale volume, with your most often sold goods upfront and easily reachable. 

Fewer Damaged Goods 

A solid rack system will protect your goods by containing them without damaging them. Pallets aren’t stacked on top of each other, minimizing their contact and reducing the risk of damage. 

You also won’t need to move products around as much because they are better organized. The less movement, the lower the risk for damage. 

Increased Productivity 

When you maximize storage and improve organization, you also improve employee productivity. Employees spend less time moving from one point to another in the warehouse. They also spend less time searching for goods. 

Fewer damaged goods mean employees spend more time working and less time processing lost products and cleaning up messes. 

Storage Automation 

If you want to automate your warehouse, the first step is to adopt a warehouse racking system. You need to have an efficient system that you can integrate into an automation system. This could be adding a conveyor system or guided forklifts. 

Improved Safety 

A well-designed pallet racking system creates a safer working environment. The rack is made from durable and strong steel, making them strong enough to support the heavyweight of fully-loaded pallets. You can outfit the racks with safety features that reduce the risk of accidents. 

You could add alarms, proximity sensors, motion sensors, and netting. The racking system prevents people from piling products too high to create unstable stacks that could tip over. 

Choose Your Warehouse Rack Design

It doesn’t matter if your warehouse is small or large; you can benefit from a well-designed rack design. Working with a professional racking company can help you design the best system for the warehouse space you have available and the type of products and goods you plan to store in it. 

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