A Godrej Refrigerator Success Story You’ll Never Believe

 A Godrej Refrigerator Success Story You’ll Never Believe

A refrigerator is no doubt the most important appliance to keep your foods fresh for several days. However, Indian refrigerator brands are facing stiff competition. But, the brand that is present ahead in this competition is Godrej. With lots of electronic products in the market, Godrej has already earned fame. Different Godrej refrigerator models are also reliable and incomparable options for Indian households. From single door to double door fridge, there are several choices for you.

In fact, the oldest name in the refrigerator manufacturing market is Godrej. Since 1958, it has been gathering an unmatched reputation. While there are other global players (like LG and Samsung), Godrej has grabbed a good amount of market share. The Godrej team worked hard to retain its position in the market. It has resulted in the growth of revenues of the company. Godrej has released different types of fridges, including single door, bottom-mounted, and double door units. 

Why do Godrej refrigerators have gained popularity?

The major reason behind the big success is the integration of innovative technologies. 

Find dual fan and cool shower technologies

Godrej has considerately designed the shelves by adding air vents. It helps in better cooling of your foods. Moreover, you will find consistent cooling throughout your fridge. Air releasing through vents reaches different directions.

Moreover, while ordinary units have a single fan, Godrej has integrated dual fans. You can find NXW series of refrigerators that have become highly popular. Using two fans, it circulates the cool air effectively.

Godrej refrigerators are versatile units

Buy a godrej refrigerator and use the unit in different ways. Direct Cool Godrej refrigerators with single door systems have Muziplay. There are very few refrigerators providing you with a music player. The best Godrej refrigerator presents you with a music-playing option from USB storage. You will also find an FM player. When you have no pen drive for playing your favourite music, you have to use the FM station. Now, you will enjoy music in your kitchen while cooking food. Additional features that have distinguished the Godrej refrigerators are the USB ports. You can use the port for charging mobiles. 

Godrej refrigerators ensure faster cooling

One of the innovative features available with Godrej refrigerators is the Turbo Chill mode. By activating the mode, you can cool the stored items. When you like to serve cool dishes to your guests within a short time, this feature is useful. Enjoy 50% faster cooling capacity.

Godrej Frost Free Double Door fridge (290 L) is the most popular model in the market. You may also buy Godrej 470 L Frost-free Refrigerator (3 Star) for your personal needs.  The cheapest models from the brand are the Direct Cool Single Door model (99L) and Qube Personal Cooling Solutions. With a higher budget, you can choose Godrej RS EON 603 SM Side-by-Side Frost-free Refrigerator. Some latest released models include Godrej 2 Star Single Door fridge and 3 Star Double Door fridges.

Spacious interiors with customizable options

Reliable Godrej refrigerators include a big vegetable tray that can carry 34 Kgs of veggies. Moreover, other high-end series provide you with a Flexi freeze tray. These storage trays and bins are easily detachable. There are also polybag suspenders fitted with hooks. The Edge series models are also attractive and available with a chiller compartment. You can keep your drinks cool. Some bottle shelves also have metal retainers to store bigger bottles. Furthermore, premium refrigerators from Godrej have collapsible wine racks. 

Godrej refrigerators give you better control

The digital touch panel is highly intuitive, and you can use it to deal with different parameters, like-

  • The door opening frequency
  • Frost accumulation
  • Ambient temperature level 
  • Previous defrost time

Lots of consumers love these intelligent automated technologies available with the Godrej refrigerator. 

Using the touch-sensitive display, you can adjust the mode and the temperature of the shelves. There is no need to open the refrigerator door every time you do it. Choose the Intelligent mode for lowering the temperature level by 2oC.

LED lighting with higher energy efficiency

It is another reason for the success of Godrej refrigerators. You can find a modern Godrej refrigerator with highly efficient, bright LED lighting. The uniquely designed LED lights do not produce high heat. That is why your system will not consume a high amount of power.

Another noticeable feature is the motion-sensing light capable of detecting movements. When you are looking for vegetables in any part of the fridge, it will automatically get illuminated.

Overall, Godrej has become a dominant player in the Indian refrigerator market. The integration of distinctive technologies is one of the success factors. To buy Godrej double door fridge and any other models, you can go to the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. The EMI facility with zero down payment will make your deal affordable.


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