Why Scale Model Making is Good for Your Brain Health

Having a hobby is certainly one of the most enjoyable things you can do to relieve yourself of the stress from work and other responsibilities. While some hobbies are only fun, other hobbies, such as scale model making, can be both fun and beneficial for the brain. Scale model-making is a recreational activity that helps build certain cognitive skills.

This article will discuss why scale model-making is good for brain health.

1. Helps Develop Cognitive Skills

Besides providing leisure and enjoyment, scale model-making can also allow hobbyists to build cognitive skills. Model Kits come in different sizes and skill levels, so they can always pose a challenge that helps your development.

By consistently practicing scale model making, you can develop cognitive skills like visual motor skills, concentration, and executive functions. These crucial skill sets contribute to excelling in other tasks required in model making, such as:

  • Researching
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Detailing
  • Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Sanding
  • Photography
  • Remembering details

2. Increases Organizational Skills

Scale model making also has the advantage of sharpening your organizational skills, even outside the hobby. Sometimes, your schedule can be too cluttered and chaotic by needing a proper structure to organize your work. Everyday tasks can be overwhelming and difficult to accomplish without any specific order.

Building model kits always come with a detailed set of instructions to follow to complete a build successfully. Investing in this hobby means exposing yourself to a detailed and organized practice, which carries over to your everyday duties. You can pattern and mimic your daily schedule to become similar to how organized you are regarding scale model making, which can make everything easier.

3. Wide Social Aspects

The hobby of scale model making is also a great way to encourage socialization, especially for young people starting at this activity. Scale model making is a highly popular recreational activity worldwide. Various online forums, groups, and communities can be found everywhere that host meet-ups for scale model-making hobbyists to interact with each other.

Being involved in such a hobby means being open to many social aspects and improving socialization skills. Scale model-making is a chance to interact and become involved with people who share your interests by discussing things like favorite models, guides, and other modelmaking facts. Group meet-ups that community leaders organize are a great way to socialize with scale model-making hobbyists.

4. Highly Educational Hobby

Building model kits are also a highly educational recreational activity because of the history attached to the scale model-making hobby. Some models are highly influenced by historical figures that hobbyists learn about because of the time they spend building. Regardless if you are building cars, boats, or military vehicles, there is always some form of history attached to it.

Being an educational hobby, hobbyists still have the freedom to choose kits only to their liking, so they won’t get bored learning about their history. For instance, if you are only interested in cars, you can go for vehicle model kits and learn about those instead of other types of kits. Because of this, the learning aspect of this hobby will only be spontaneous, and it won’t feel boring to model kit hobbyists.

5. Helps Relieve Stress

Outside of having hobbies, doing everyday tasks and having work can be highly stressful in people’s lives. This is why activities like scale model making exist, to have an outlet where you can relieve stress and relax. Spending a few hours a day working on and building model kits is an excellent way to forget the stress and responsibilities of work.

Having a hobby can be peaceful and relaxing, as scale model-making can grant you time to do an activity you enjoy. Building model kits are great to do with other people or even by yourself if you require some alone time. Ultimately, this will help reduce stress and anxiety.


Indulging in a recreational activity, specifically scale model making, is a highly beneficial hobby. Building model kits are especially good for the health of your brain, providing many advantages, such as developing your cognitive and organizational skills. If you are trying to get into having a hobby, scale model making is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial hobbies available.



Donna Kate

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