Why Should Foreigners Buy Apartments in The Jumeirah Village Circle?

 Why Should Foreigners Buy Apartments in The Jumeirah Village Circle?

Moving to Dubai is an option many foreigners are considering in the current times. If you dig deeper to know the reasons, you will find plenty. Be it the allure of luxurious life or the temptation to live a tax-free life, Dubai will disappoint you. Dubai is hard to miss out on being home to adventurous sites, lovely beaches, and luxurious shopping malls. This article will explain why Dubai, especially the Jumeirah village circle. And could be the best option for foreigners to settle in. Keep reading to know the reasons!

Benefits of Buying Apartments in Jumeirah Village:

Jumeirah, being the loveliest of spots in Dubai, offers eye-catching sites to visitors and residents. With its luxurious yet affordable living apartments, residents are never disappointed. The place is equally beneficial for foreign investors if they want to move into Jumeirah. It would help if you went through this piece before searching for apartments for sale in Jumeirah village circle. Following are some reasons why the place can prove a good choice for foreign investors.

1. Competitive property prices:

Cosmopolitan hubs around the world are too expensive to afford, even for a month. The rental or purchase prices go beyond the limits of an ordinary investor. What is a better alternative than Dubai available for competitive property prices? One of the biggest reasons foreign investors should buy apartments in Jumeirah village is the competitive property prices.

These competitive costs allow foreign investors to acquire considerably more value for their money. They can benefit by having a property in an appealing and safe objective with a magnificent business foundation. Being a foreign investor, you should consider this reason.

2. High rental yields:

As businesses always look for a higher return on investment (ROI), the investors in property look for high rental yields. Dubai is one of the spots where foreign investors could find a dream rental yield on property investments. Irrespective of the size of the apartment It can pay you off as much as you would have expected.

Outsiders purchasing property in Dubai will likewise profit by high rental profits from their investments. For example, the estate properties in Dubai offer a solid. And healthy ROI of up to 6%. While the apartment communities have rental yields that reach up to 7.5% overall.

3. Investor-friendly tax system:

Despite being affordable and high-yielding. And properties in Jumeirah come with an easy tax system. The federal tax authorities have established a lenient tax system for foreign investors to motivate them. Of all the reasons, many investors are attracted by this one, purchasing properties in Jumeriah village circle.

Another advantage for foreigners purchasing property in Dubai is the cordial assessment framework. And the UAE doesn’t put any charges on the bought property or rental pay. This allows the investors to appreciate solid profits from their property.

4. Obtain residence visa:

Foreign investors who wish to move into Dubai can obtain residence visas for five years. The UAE has introduced long-term visas, where real estate investors can be eligible for a five-year UAE residence visa. The minimum property worth is AED 5M (USD 1.36M).

Your dream of being a permanent UAE resident could come true should you invest in real estate there. The most affordable choice across the entire UAE is the Jumeirah village circle. Search apartments for sale in Jumeirah village circle and invest for longer-term benefits.

5. Comprehensive property management services:

There are different property management organizations in Dubai, which offer an exhaustive scope of services. These can incorporate, yet are not restricted to, discovering inhabitants, dealing with upkeep, and lease assortment. And giving regular updates and financial reports.

Foreign investors who are looking to buy real estate in Dubai can acquire these services. The comprehensive property management services organizations will help them at every step. From the initial tasks to the final closing steps, you can get everything done.

6. Don’t have sufficient funds? Don’t panic!

Bank loan has another major advantage over bank loans Foreign investors. And mortgages for real estate investors. The question of “can Foreigners get a loan in Dubai?” has long been in the air and is now answered. Different banks in UAE provide financial support to investors who are interested in purchasing property in Dubai.

The eligibility criteria for these loans differ, depending on the banks and individual factors. Some of these factors are:

  • Country of residence
  • Monthly income
  • Previous loan history
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of work status

Get in Touch With An Expert Real Estate Agent For Property Purchase!

Dubai is home to luxurious apartments and houses. Individuals from around the world move in there to make a beautiful living. So, purchasing an apartment is not easy without the services of a professional real estate agent. Get in touch with one today to make your next deal successful!

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