Why Should Marathon Runners Consider Physiotherapy in Edmonton?

 Why Should Marathon Runners Consider Physiotherapy in Edmonton?

Many people think that individuals visit a physiotherapy clinic because they suffer from injury or other physiological problems like pain in any part of the body. They are surprised to see marathon racers coming to these medical facilities and utilizing the service of physiotherapy in Edmonton.

Know About Marathon Race and Training at Physiotherapy Clinic in Edmonton

It is vital to know what happens during marathon training to understand why marathon runners need physiotherapy during and after a race. You have to know what training, issues, and difficulty these runners have to face.

  1. Running a marathon is not just about sprinting for long hours and distances. It also involves excellent stamina to endure the long-running. The runners have to train to gain the superb stamina to finish the race in the required time.
  2. Many runners make the mistake of training for the race continuously and not reducing the intensity of their practice. This mainly leads to the body exhaustion of the runners. Reducing the power gives time to relax the muscles to be prepared for the next intense training session.
  3. A key point in successful training suggested by the best experts at physiotherapy in Edmonton is to wear the right clothes, shoes, and accessories. You will hurt yourself if you train or race in shoes other than sneakers. The clothes also should be an appropriate tracksuit.
  4. During a marathon race, the runners have to run on various surfaces. There is a complete course exclusively designed. The marathon course consists of rocky mountain terrain, grassy lands, muddy areas, and dense forests. The runners have to train to run in these areas.
  5. A few factors determine the running pace of the runners. These include the surfaces they have to run on, the stamina they will have and achieve, and the weather conditions on the marathon day.

What Causes Issues During A Marathon Training?

When marathon runners come for a consultation at medical facilities like Regenerate Physio, the physiotherapists determine the cause of issues that might happen to runners when they are training. The leading three causes of problems during marathon training are mentioned in the below points.

  1. The marathon runners train throughout the year for the race, so they have plenty of time to prepare gradually. But many times, the trainers increase the intensity and timing of the training. This is dangerous because runners can get exhausted quickly and can’t train well for the marathon.
  2. Long breaks come in a training session when holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even summer vacations. Returning to marathon training after long leaves can decrease endurance.
  3. As discussed in one of the above points, marathon racing is not just running; it also involves gaining strength and stamina to run for longer distances and durations. When there is a lack of stamina training, runners will not be able to endure the hardship of a marathon.

How Physiotherapy Clinics in Edmonton Help With a Marathon?

The services given at physiotherapy clinics are concerned with typical injuries, but also marathoners can benefit from them. The facilities and services provided by the clinics are discussed in the below points.

  1. The seasoned marathon runners know what to do during the training sessions, like gradually increasing the training duration, reducing the intensity sometimes, and wearing the right equipment. But when the new runners are training, they forget many vital points mentioned above, so the therapists advise them on these matters.
  2. It is dangerous for the runners to start training again immediately after they have had an injury. First, the runners have to visit the physiotherapy clinics to have the injury cured and then restart the training.
  3. The experts at clinics giving the facility of physiotherapy in Edmonton suggest various treatments to cure the existing injuries. The remedies suggested by physiotherapists are spinal decompression, Deep Oscillation Therapy, IMS/ acupuncture, and Shockwave Therapy.

Below are some questions and answers to clarify several more points above a marathon race, training, and its relation to physiotherapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I see a physio when training for a marathon?

Yes, a physio at a physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton will help you treat injuries and give you instructions mentioned in the above points in detail. These instructions include wearing the right clothes and footwear, reducing training intensity during sessions, and gradually increasing endurance.

Can physical therapy help with running?

One of the primary benefits of physical therapy is that it increases blood flow and relaxes the muscles; so that the endurance of the runners is boosted. Visiting a physiotherapy clinic will help you in your training.

Is a marathon the same as a race? There are many different kinds of races known to humanity like sprinting, hurdle race, relay race, and many others. Marathon is a type of race that can also be called cross-country race. In a typical race, the runner has to run shorter d

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