Why Should SMEs Consider Investing In SAP B1 Hana?

 Why Should SMEs Consider Investing In SAP B1 Hana?

The ability to manage your database efficiently and streamline the operations with a sophisticated ERP solution will be a powerful step for your business. And that’s precisely what SAP B1 Hana offers to SMEs. This is a hybrid approach that helps in maximizing the benefits of your investment. HANA has the ability to handle diverse kinds of workloads including transactional ones. So, even as your business gears up for scaling this solution will have your back. And that’s what makes the combination with B1 a worthy consideration especially for small and medium businesses that want to prepare themselves for rapid growth.

What Are The Perks Of Using SAP B1 Hana For Small Businesses?

1. Quick And Easy Inputs Whenever Required

Having all the essential data will not be enough if this data is not accessible during times of need. So, B1 Hana makes it possible to quickly and conveniently access real-time data. It can be handy for specific operations like inventory management or even for checking the status of orders for restocking the inventory and other details. It helps the teams understand whether the inventory stock will be sufficient to fulfill upcoming orders. Based on this, a sale can be planned confidently knowing that the surge in demand can be managed without any trouble.

2. Understand And Analyze Cash Flow

One other major advantage of B1 Hana is the suite of apps that let you track and forecast cash flow. As a small business, handling the many sources of funds and monitoring where these funds are being used can be tricky. But doing this efficiently helps in better budgeting for the business’ growth. With B1 Hana, the historical cashflow records can be thoroughly analyzed and based on this efficient forecast can be done. All the background calculations can be accessed for clarity. And multiple inputs like those from POS devices can also be linked to one common database.

3. Manage Delivery Schedule Effectively

With the growing competition in the world of ecommerce, businesses are competing to offer free and convenient deliveries to their customers. It has now become a deciding factor for customers comparing their options. To be able to draft the delivery schedule accurately, the available data regarding stock, logistic workflow and others can be useful. Based on this B1 Hana helps businesses chart out a realistic delivery schedule keeping the optimal process flow as a priority. And with this businesses can give better delivery projections to customers and also keep up with the promised timelines. This helps in strengthening customer relationships through consistent adherence to delivery promises.

4. Make The IT Operations More Practical

As the business grows, it might become increasingly challenging to manage the IT infrastructure. Both in terms of the hardware and software, tracking the assets and maintaining smooth IT workflow is a necessity to maintain employee satisfaction. Transactional data as well as analytics can be executed without complicating the existing infrastructure when you invest in SAP B1 Hana.

5. Hone Better Customer Relationships

Besides enhancing the customer experience through its delivery forecast and other capabilities, a B1 Hana solution also improves the overall quality of customer interactions. Dashboards can be created to get a holistic picture of the customer persona or even the transaction history. All the essential data to provide quality service and relevant resolution to customer queries become possible.

6. Enterprise Data Search

Different teams in the organization might perform a different type of enterprise search. This could be about the policies within the organization or data about particular transactions executed by another team. B1 Hana makes it possible to do an enterprise search conveniently from anywhere. Enterprise application support means that even from mobile devices the essential data can be retrieved provided the relevant authorization is enabled. Restricted access to data can be planned based on the internal structure. And this helps organization strengthen their data security approach as well.

SAP B1 Hana will be a huge step towards adding resilience to your approach in collecting, managing and analyzing different kinds of data in your firm. Without disconnected data chunks your business will now have connected data reserves that provide an ample amount of insight for better decision making. Informed-decisions will not be difficult anymore. And with all these benefits you also get to choose on-premise or cloud-based integrations based on your budget and requirements.

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