Why should water purifiers be inherent to every house in India?

 Why should water purifiers be inherent to every house in India?

We live in an era where pure and clean water has become more of a privilege than a necessity. And all the facts related to clean water access in India are alarming. Currently, 42.2% of Indian households have access to tap water in India, but according to the Water-Aid survey, more than 131 million people don’t have access to treated water. 

It shows that even with water taps becoming ubiquitous in India, treated water is still not very common, and drinking polluted water can lead to severe illnesses. These are a few reasons why in the year 2017, India witnessed more than 10,738 deaths just due to waterborne diseases. 

The only way to ensure that your body is being supplied with pure water without any pollutants is to start using a water purifier. We might be living in an era of pollution increasing at a breakneck pace, but we are also living in the age of technology that is helping us in solving these issues. 

So, let’s dig a bit more about water purifiers and understand how they have become a necessity in India. 

How does a RO purifier work?

The entire system of the RO purifier is based on reverse osmosis. The same technology goes for all the RO purifiers you see in the market or online platforms. 

The reverse osmosis filtration system pushes water through a special fine membrane to remove impurities usually not visible to the naked eyes. The membranes present in the internal system of the RO purifier remove impurities based on their shape and size. 

It also means that any particle larger than the size of water molecules wouldn’t be able to pass through the filter. This membrane easily removes ions, microorganisms, pesticides, and even viruses. These membranes have a specific lifespan, after which they need to be replaced by calling AO smith customer care

What water purifiers should be used in every Indian household?

No more disease-causing contaminations 

Even with so much advancement and progress, still, 70% of the water sources in India are contaminated, and this means that water that you are directly drinking from the tap may be carrying disease-causing bacteria or viruses.

If one keeps consuming contaminated water for an extended period, it can lead to many waterborne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, and even cholera. As a result, most experts in India are now suggesting people install a good quality RO purifier and keep servicing it by calling Kent customer care to maintain the quality of water. 

Protection against chlorine

If you think your tap water is pure, then think again because to kill bacteria and other germs, the tap water in India is mixed with chlorine. According to the government, this process is known as chlorination, and one can’t avoid it. 

But the same chlorine that removes bacteria and other germs can become the root cause of health problems. Consuming an excess amount of chlorine mixed water leaves behind chlorine residue, and this residual amount reacts inside the stomach and kills the necessary cells. 

Some by-products of chlorine-like trihalomethanes are carcinogenic, which can wreak havoc on your health. But you can make your water chlorine-free by just calling Livpure customer care and getting the best water purifier installed in your home. 

Better taste 

According to the reports published by Clean Water, tap water remains in an underground reservoir, and they keep on traveling through old lead pipes for a long period. Because of such exposure for a long period, the water picks up undesirable flavors along with noxious odors, which are passed to you while sipping the water. 

Water has no distinctive taste or flavor, but it doesn’t mean it cannot taste bad or smell awful. To ensure that the water tastes the way it is supposed to taste, you must install a good quality water purifier in your house or office. 

But just installing the water purifier won’t be enough as you will also have to ensure that it is functioning well by getting it serviced. You need to call AO smith customer care, and the technician will do everything else. 

A wide array of health benefits

A water purifier doesn’t only keep you away from different types of waterborne diseases like diarrhea and cholera, but it also aids in improving your current health condition. One of the main benefits of consuming RO water is improved digestion. 

The filtration system in the RO water purifier makes the water alkaline, and it becomes water-friendly as our entire body, especially the stomach, is acidic. So, when we consume water coming out from an RO water purifier, it goes into the system while neutralizing the PH level, thus improving digestion. 

Along with this, the RO purified water hydrates and energizes our bodies. It helps us in improving the health of our skin and hair. So, we can say that a water purifier is nothing less than a health booster. 

We can survive without food for 21 days, but we can’t survive without water for even three days. With water being crucial for our body, consuming only clean water purified by a standard RO purifying system is necessary. With the right type of RO water purifier, you can keep all your worries related to polluted water at bay.

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