Why should you buy moldavite jewelry and Tanzanite jewelry?

 Why should you buy moldavite jewelry and Tanzanite jewelry?

Jewelry is an emotion that can not only be worn but can be felt. The pretty design of the gemstone silver jewelry warms the heart with all its magnificence. Moreover, they have the ability to enhance the look of the wearer with their wonderful properties. Although there is an endless number of gemstones in the world, today, we will discuss the two very most important and unique gems in this blog. And they are Moldavite Jewelry and Tanzanite jewelry, so let us discuss them in detail to enrich your knowledge about gemstones. 

Moldavite properties 

Moldavite crystal is the glass crystal that is the result of the meteoroid and comets that occurred around 15 million years ago. They fell in the special area of the Czech Republic in the southern areas and are only found there in the whole world. The stone appears from translucent to transparent and ranges between 5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. It usually has swirls and bubbles inside that highlight the mossy green color it has. 

Meaning of Moldavite 

Moldavite meaning denotes the holy grail stone, which has a high vibration and intense frequency. It is also called the stone of transformation, as this stone can bring a lot of positive change inside the wearer. Many considered the Moldavites as they have come to the earth to help the planet to rise above its current state. Moreover, Moldavite jewelry is used for healing rituals of the earth chakra. 

Why should one wear Moldavite? 

Moldavite Rings

The best way to achieve the benefits of this crystal is to wear it in the form of a Moldavite ring. It helps in magnifying the vibration, which even allows the person to feel the sensation in hands and body. Moreover, meditating with this crystal connects the wearer to the higher powers in the universe. Moreover, wearing it on special daily while going to the workplace will uplift the aura of the person.   

Now, let us know about Tanzanite.


The striking gemstone composes of mesmerizing violet and blue colors; being the perfect birthstone jewelry for the ones born in the month of December. This stone was discovered in the second half of the 20th century, and it is certainly the most beautiful and luxurious gemstone. 


Tanzanite jewelry links to various positive attributes and has the power to dispel negative thoughts and energies. It gives strength, increases trust, and allows the person to become optimistic. The unusual beauty of Tanzanite rings is the classic choice for casual outings and brunch dates. It will grab all the attention of the crowd and get many compliments. Moreover, this gem helps the students focus on their careers and goals in life.  

Basically, this stone has become famous after the movie Titanic. People become crazy behind the Tanzanite crystal as they believe it would change their life. 

Where to buy these stones from?

These both are unique gemstones with ultimate powers associated with them. If you want to buy them in wholesale, then Rananjay Exports is the most suitable place to buy them. It is the best manufacturing and wholesale unit established in Jaipur, India. And delivers its products and services all across the globe.

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