Why use Staffing agency: Know some genuine reasons

 Why use Staffing agency: Know some genuine reasons

Staffing agency

If you already own a business, you may be well versed with the importance of taking help of a reputed staffing agency. Even new businesses can benefit from their services. The well-established staffing agency has the right resources and knowledge to save your business, a good amount of money and time. Moreover, they have developed the expertise to identify qualified candidates to suit your vacant profile.

Significance of staffing agency

  • Your business may need additional labour. If so, then hiring such agencies is sure to do you a lot of good to free your HR executive’s time. Besides this, they also offer other benefits including reduced legal risks and greater hiring flexibility.
  • They act as middleman between workers and employers. Thus, they match qualified candidates with organizations having current job openings.
  • They generally charge fees for their services that range typically from 25-100 percent of hired employee’s wage.

Overcoming challenges

The truth is identifying qualified talent can be a challenging task for most organizations. With just a couple of vacancies to be filled, they generally get hundreds of resumes with a single advertisement. Reviewing applications, screening candidates, interviewing them and negotiating salaries and following up with their job, etc. all does consume lots of time. Apart from this, the HR executives are to take care of other existing obligations on a regular basis.  Such challenges can be overcome by partnering with a temporary or permanent recruitment agency as desired.

Role of staffing agency

Their task is to recruit employees for businesses seeking to fill vacancies in different profiles. If new staff is desired, then working with an experienced staffing agency, following is the involved process:

  • Job Description: Understanding your specific vacancy requirements, the agency creates a job description. It will be designed to attract potential candidates and is advertised in various platforms. They also possess a large candidate database seeking jobs immediately. This way, they can get candidates who can fit the profile perfectly and without wasting precious time.
  • Employer contacts the agency: Contact the agency specializing in your specific industry. Remember, not all agencies may serve all industries, but could be specialists. You just need to specify number of employees sought their job responsibilities, location, timeline and salary or wage rate.
  • Vetting candidates: Potential candidates reply to the applied open positions by the agency. They are called for the preliminary interview by the qualified agency staffs and their experience, qualifications get reviewed. Once satisfied, the staffing professionals select qualified individuals and introduce them to your hiring manager.
  • Employer to make final decision: The candidates sent by the staffing agency are then interviewed by the business owner or hiring manager. Accordingly, you need to finalize the candidates you have selected for the job and intimate the agency.
  • Paperwork: Generally, most agencies manage the paperwork that is related with new hires. It includes payroll tasks, taxes and contracts.

The above procedure helps save a good number of staff hours, energy and money that otherwise have to be spent trying to sort through hundreds of applicants and taking their interviews. Hence, the staffing agency can be described as a middleman that helps to eliminate time-consuming and cumbersome hiring process. This allows business owners and HR managers to allocate their energy and efforts in other vital tasks.

Their charges

Generally, permanent staffing services charge around 25% – 100% of hired employee’s wage. You need to discuss with the agency and get in writing their charges. If you are planning to hire lots of candidates for your organization and/or be a regular client, you may get to pay reduced charges, thus saving on money and effort.

What can the agency do for you?

Increasingly, employers are seeking temporary, freelance or part-time workers to accommodate their different work profiles. The agencies rather are considered to be a valuable resource to identify the desired talents. They can undertake this task rather efficiently and quickly.

Benefits derived by hiring reputed staffing agency

  • Flexibility: Many organizations seem to hold back full-time hiring positions for numerous reasons. Perhaps, there is more to do with much leaner operations. This allows organizations to become more productive. They hire permanent employers to fill up key positions when absolutely required. They also identify ways and means to ensure every dollar spent is useful to the business. With temporary staffing, they can get hold of productive employees only when required.
  • Fast hiring: The last few years has witnessed a constantly evolving job market. The recent pandemic has even changed the way how employees work. Hiring process only has become more difficult and longer than before. It has become tough to find talent these days. Managers find it extremely time consuming to review lots of resumes and to schedule interviews. Besides this, they are to undertake their day-to-day job responsibilities. However, seeking staffing services can help save money, energy and time. The experienced staffing firm is likely to pre-screen candidates, thus helping managers to interview them easily and finalize their joining.
  • Reduced risks: Legal responsibilities are involved in the hiring process, especially from the employer’s side. It includes adhering to certain prevailing labour laws, offering insurance coverage and covering certain taxes. Hiring employees do come with several financial risks, ranging from operational and financial standpoint. This is more so f someone leaves unexpectedly or gets fired from the job. Using staffing firm ensures that the agency takes complete responsibility of such liabilities on behalf of their clients.

How it works?

The staffing agencies do provide several services for organizations in all domains. It includes filling up temp to hire. Initially, it is temporary assignment to assist employer to determine long-term fit of the the worker with the company). The next is temporary filling that is an assignment having a specified start as well as an end date. The third is direct hire, considered to be a permanent position where staffing agency is the recruiter.

Thus, using the services of the leading staffing agency is sure to help businesses of all types to get choice of candidates to work in different profiles.

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