Why You Must Use a Hair Mask for Dry Hair during Summers

 Why You Must Use a Hair Mask for Dry Hair during Summers

Summers are usually dry, dusty and windy throughout the world, unless you are living in a place which sees excessive rainfall. Nonetheless, you need to protect your skin and hair from the harsh summer conditions, especially your hair and scalp. The heat and dry winds tend to dehydrate the scalp which leads to hair breakage. Inflammations, rashes and irritations also might increase in few people. To avoid these, it is important that you take proper care of your hair and scalp before they lose their nourishment. Start with physically blocking out the sun and dirt with a hat or a scarf. In addition, start applying a hair treatment mask or a hair spa for dry hair twice a week. Apart from working as a shield against the elements of nature, this would also improve your scalp health and increase your hair growth. The spa will not just nourish your scalp, but also work as a deep conditioning treatment. Indus Valley hair treatment mask will also help repair any previous damages caused by excessive use of hair curlers or straighteners.

The top 3 reasons for using a hair spa for dry hair in summers:

  1. Hair spa conditioning masks boost hair health. It treats dry and flaky scalp skin while its nourishing herbal ingredients gently nourish the hair roots locking in moisture.
  2. A good hair treatment mask will come with multiple nourishing ingredients that would help heal hair damages such as breakage, frizz and split ends, turning hair soft, thick and strong.
  3. It has deep conditioning benefits. A good hair spa for dry hair can work like your daily conditioner. In fact, it is more effective than the regular after-shampoo conditioners.
  4. A healthy scalp and hair will eventually result in hair growth. Though hair growth is genetic, the usage of a hair treatment mask prevents breakage and boosts hair growth.
  5. A hair mask would also bring shine to your color-treated hair. It would work as a powerful colour fixer after you have treated your hair to any kind of colouring treatments. It would darken up the hair colour keeping it that way for a few days longer.

How to apply:

  1. Do the usual shampooing of your hair.
  2. Apply the hair mask and wait for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Rinse with normal water and then towel dry your hair.
  4. You can also keep it as a leave-in conditioner and rinse the next morning. Enjoy your hair’s new freshness and smoothness.

To get a more perennial effect try using a herb based hair conditioning mask once a week. As chemicals can have many negative effects in the long run. During summers, however, due to the excess heat and dirt, you can increase its usage to two or even three times a week. Do not apply it every day as this could have a reverse effect. You can check out a good herbal hair mask online. User reviews indicate that Indus Valley Hair Eaze Spa conditioning mask is a great product.

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