Why You Need the Lorex LNWDB1 1080P Wi-Fi Home Security Camera

 Why You Need the Lorex LNWDB1 1080P Wi-Fi Home Security Camera

Small high end system of residential, commercial or strata building. Parking, gate, garbage and recycling room, staircase and hallway.

Home security cameras have come a long way in recent years, and it’s not just in terms of recording resolution. The newest home security cameras offer free cloud storage, night vision, and other innovative features that make them more reliable and easier to use than ever before. If you’re looking to install or upgrade your home security camera, the Lorex LNWDB1 1080P Wi-Fi home security camera will help you feel safe at home without breaking the bank. Read on to learn how the Lorex LNWDB1 can keep you protected at home!

How To Install The Device

Install time depends on where you decide to place the camera, but it usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Use the level tool to make sure your camera is straight, plug in power cables and connect them to your modem using CAT 5 cable, then connect the Ethernet cable to your modem. Next find a window that provides a good view of what you want covered by your camera. If this is not possible install another Lorex device, like our 4K Pro model.

What Can This Device Do?

Do you feel that your home is an extension of yourself and you want to see what it’s like when you’re not there? Do you want to see everything from upstairs and downstairs or from every angle in your house? The all new Lorex LNWDB1 1080P Wi-Fi Home Security Camera has three different modes for monitoring so that you can see inside your home anytime. It also features a 123 degree viewing angle and records at 30 frames per second so that nothing gets past this security camera.

What Can’t This Device Do?

You may have heard of companies like Nest and Drop cam that have made security cameras easy to monitor and set up, but if you’re not ready to invest in a $200 – $300 system right now, there are other options. This is where products like the Lorex LNWDB1 1080P Wi-Fi home security camera come in. These home monitoring devices have a simple set up process that uses your existing Wi-Fi network, no professional installation required.

Does This Device Require A Subscription?

This device does not require a subscription to operate. This means that there are no monthly fees, and after you purchase the camera, you will have access to every feature available at any time. All in all, this is a low cost option with high-quality picture quality.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Device

Secure your home with a reliable and efficient home security camera system. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, stay connected to what’s happening at home. A simple push of the doorbell button alerts you when someone is in your driveway. The Lorex Wi-Fi Doorbell connects to an existing WiFi network and allows for remote monitoring from anywhere in the world. With an HD video stream (1080p) and two-way audio, it gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that their property is protected 24/7 no matter where they are.

Key Features To Look For When Buying A CCTV System

Deter theft of your property and keep an eye on your pets, children, or other loved ones with a CCTV system. If you have a large home, or a lot of open spaces where people might have access to roam without being seen by security cameras, then you’ll need a CCTV system to fill in those gaps. One type of CCTV systems that is gaining popularity is the Lorex Wi-Fi Doorbell system.

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