Why Your Sales Proposals Need an Upgrade?

 Why Your Sales Proposals Need an Upgrade?

Why Your Sales Proposals Need an Upgrade?


Sales are critical in augmenting loyalty and confidence between clients and businesses. How you showcase your product or service will determine whether people will be attracted to your projects.  

Sales proposal – An important aspect of your request for proposal (RFP)

A sales proposal is a document a person or a business utilises to showcase the services or products offered by them to prospective clients. These are also known as business proposals, project proposals or executive summaries.

Key features of an effective sales proposal:

  • Analyse your prospects: An in-depth understanding of your prospective clientele is fundamental. Customisation for each client is the key to success in sales proposals. It is imperative to understand their objectives, financial backgrounds and timelines and who will be the deciding authority
  • Highlight your uniqueness: It is necessary to highlight what is different in your offering and what sets you apart
  • Use clear, concise writing: The writing should have clarity and be to the point, and the message should be clearly conveyed 
  • Create a sales proposal template: Having a template that can be customised to suit each client’s needs will be effective

To a large extent, it helps to use testimonials from existing clients to build faith in prospective clients. The sales proposals should be written in a phased manner with a logical flow.


An RFP is a business document that describes a project, its aims and the institution associated with it. It gives you a gist of the bidding process and the terms related to the contract. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that an RFP is comprehensive yet crisp and covers all the aspects of the proposal. This was earlier an arduous task, but now, thanks to the introduction of tools such as Qvidian RFP and DDQ automation, it is relatively simple. 

Acuity Knowledge Partners has 10 years of rich experience in providing support to global RFP operations. It provides end-to-end RFP and content management support. Equipped with a highly qualified talent pool, it has experience working with Qvidian RFP. Acuity Knowledge Partners is one of the pioneers in best-in-class RFP platforms and employs seasoned RFP writers.

Why do your sales proposals need an upgrade?

Businesses require sales to generate revenue, which can be utilised to market new clients. Sales bring about better business growth. For financial institutions, in particular, it is essential to have a sales mechanism and an updated sales management system to keep ahead of time. The business world is evolving constantly with continuous improvement in technology. 

  • The volume and complexity of clients are growing
  • Businesses must embrace new technological solutions to cater to clients’ needs with minimal effort, time and cost 
  • The sales pitch you put forth is a big puller. This makes it imperative to upgrade your sales proposals in tune with the changing times 
  • Clients look for sales proposals that are easy to comprehend and simple to take action on. If a proposal has too many steps that need to be followed, it may become a deterrent to future prospects 
  • The increase in recurring requests also requires them to be managed in time
  • Issues in bandwidth hinder the quality of content
  • Lack of a centralised database

With the technological era making things simpler, it is wiser to shift the focus and do away with age-old procedures and continuously upgrade. Access to different tools and partnerships with experts are key to ensuring that you make an impact with your sales proposals. 

Why partner with Acuity Knowledge Partners for content creation:

  • Curated content free of mistakes
  • Smart work with less effort and time and lesser use of workforce
  • Coverage of all focus points
  • Ability to serve numerous customers with different needs simultaneously

With the use of different tools, Acuity Knowledge Partners assists in completing the sales proposal process from the initial sales call to the packaging of the final client deliverables. It has skilled, seasoned professionals who have been instrumental in delivering meaningful and customised solutions, thereby assisting in delivering cost savings to its clients.

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