Window Blinds vs Shutters. Figure Out Which Is The Best.

 Window Blinds vs Shutters. Figure Out Which Is The Best.

Window coverings are capable to breathe life into your interior. Both window blinds and shutters are well known in the window coverings world. Both are considerable for a number of reasons and both can be get ignored for some reasons.

One of the top reasons people invest in window blinds is to have that classy look in an affordable manner. As window blinds are one of the cheapest window coverings in the markets today when they are ready-made. On the other hand, shutters are likely one of the top durable options.

The main differentiating factor between these two is the structure and the way they got installed on your window. Window blinds can come in hard materials as well as fabric based are also an option there. While shutters are totally hard, there is no such option of fabric there which can be a plus and also can be a minus for them depending upon the user’s need.

Let’s figure out window blinds and shutters so you can have a general idea to make a mature decision about them. Note: all these are our observations so for a much better understanding consult with a professional.

Window Blinds

Indeed window blinds are one of the top trending and demanding window coverings in the markets for a while now. Window blinds have a timeless design that can sync with any interior no matter what is the style.

Window blinds can be modern-looking and also can provide your interior with a traditional touch. Window blinds have a big family, which means there are options for any of your moods and situations. There are styles and designs that not only provide décor but solve issues related to the interior, and maintain privacy as their trademark.

The design of window blinds is so sleek that it syncs so well with the interior that in the end it literally looks like a merged part of it. It didn’t look like a separate entity from the interior.

Window blinds have pretty ordinary but impressive functionality. There are slats that are functionalized to tilt with the help of a cord that links to each and every slat. Users can pull the cord and adjust the position of the slats according to their mood or need.

There are also fabric-based window blinds, top common and popular are the roller blinds and roman blinds. there are no slats in them and the mechanism is also different, there is an up and down operating mechanism which is also preferred by many.

There are a handful of options there, window blinds are made of as many materials and fabrics as there are needs for different solutions and protocols. There are synthetic materials PVC, vinyl, and polyester as the most common ones. Also has natural materials like wood and different types of metals.

In fabrics, there are also a bunch of natural and unnatural fabrics options. Cotton and linen are the top natural ones and PVC and faux silk as for unnatural options.


Indeed a window covering that is capable to add value to your place. Shutters are one of the hardest and most durable window coverings options today. Instead of slats like in window blinds, they have louvers. The louvers are functionalized to tilt.

The main advantage for shutters here is that their louvers can be adjusted particularly. You can adjust each and every louver separately. Here you can have ultimate control over the light entering in your room.

Shutters are mostly made out of wood, real wood. They can be made of a variety of woods but basswood is their standard type. There are also some options in shutters that are made from synthetic materials like PVC and faux wood all having the same design principle.

Shutter sometimes didn’t look like a window covering rather it seems like an addon of a window. Because they install right on the window recess. Also, there is no such in installing them mounted outside.

Which Is Better For Privacy and Light Control?

Both are great in maintaining the privacy and managing light but shutters have an edge here. As the louvers of shutters can be adjusted independently so there is much room for your personalized privacy and light control.

Which Is Better For The Long Run?

Overall almost all types of shutters are durable and good for the long run. In window blinds, there are also options like wood and faux wood blinds. bamboo blinds are also in the game.

Which Is Easy To Clean and Maintain?

In window blinds, there are numerous options likely most of them are effortlessly easy to clean and maintain. Like roller blinds, roman blinds, and faux wood blinds. another plus for window blinds regarding cleaning is that they can be uninstalled easily for quality cleaning while shutters are not that easy to uninstall but shutters are also easy to clean as they are hard window coverings.

Which Is Affordable?

Generally, window blinds are much cheaper than shutters. Custom-made window blinds are way more expensive than their ready-made counterparts. Now it depends on your needs and budget. Hope you enjoyed that.

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