6 Steps to Follow While Going for WordPress Blog Development

 6 Steps to Follow While Going for WordPress Blog Development

WordPress is popular and you can verify the same by checking out the statistics from Google. So let us not waste time in putting the obvious. It is also known that WordPress blog development is extensively used as a blogging platform. Over time, the number of themes and plug-ins has only grown, thanks to its huge community support and now that it also serves as a robust CMS, it only seems fitting that avid bloggers are turning to WordPress to have their own professional blogs developed

There are a number of well-known blogs which actively run on WordPress including TechCrunch, BBC America, TED Blog and Etsy Journal. These famous names have fuelled the blogging industry and increased the use of WordPress manifolds. Also, this CMS is preferred because not much technical knowledge is required for starting a simple blog on it.

However, there are still certain things which should be planned and worked upon before one can indulge in blog development. This article enlists the six important steps which can lead to the WordPress development of a visually attractive and highly professional WordPress blog.

6 Top WordPress Blog Development for Developer

1) Choose the Right Theme

WordPress is known for having an elaborate and elegant collection of themes with latest WordPress trends. You can find hundreds of them. But with plenty of choices comes lots of confusion. It is easy to get dazzled and lost in the sparkle of beautiful WordPress themes. Hence, it is important that you do some research work. A simple yet effective method is to search for themes on the basis of your niche.

Let’s say, if you wish to develop a travel blog, then search for themes based on that. Wish to keep it simple? The theme MinimalistBlogger can come to your rescue, but in case you are looking for something more detailed, then Roam is a better choice, though it’s a premium one. Do keep your budget in mind too because some themes give you access to their premium features only with a paid version.

2) Decide on Features

Features are going to be the models of your fashion show. You sure can design clothes but without models they can’t shine. That’s why it is important to decide what is going to be displayed on your site and which ones are to be discarded. Let’s make it clear with an example. So you decide on a food blog. Awesome! But there are countless food blogs already on browsers and mobiles. This is where the features come in.

You decide to make your WordPress blog development a subjective drinking buddy to your readers. You decide on educating and informing readers about classic wines, scotch, drinking rules, drinking dos and don’ts, menu tabs, search functions, whether to include affiliate marketing and so on. You decide to write on the oldest wines, but you do not end with just descriptions.

You guide your readers to online stores where they can find their favourite wine collections and this feature is going to be your USP. Getting the point? In the simplest words, decide and get on some unique features for your blog.

3) Pick Your Plug-ins

Most WordPress themes already provide users with whatever is required for building an elegant blog. But some people are willing to go an extra mile and WordPress plug-ins are excellent ways to do that. Let’s clarify it with an example. In order to make your blogs more visible, you need to make them SEO-friendly. 

The Yoast SEO is one of the most sought-after WordPress plug-in used to optimize WordPress blogs or sites for search engines. Similarly, if you are someone who is big on security, then Jetpack is a good choice to go for. With the right pick of plug-ins, you can make your blog more productive, more protective and of course, more attractive.

4) Place Content Strategically

Content is king and don’t we all know that. But simply putting up relevant content is not enough. In order to intrigue your visitors, you need to ensure that they land into something irresistible, something they can’t ignore. Suppose you have a movie review blog or a blog for reviewing popular streaming content, then a wise thing to do would be to place review content for the top ten trending series or movies at the top.

You can also post teasers with beautifully designed images and banners with a COMING SOON or release date flashing on the side. At the same time, you need to display your most popular posts with subscription buttons in a subtle way. All in all, you have to ensure that every page of your blogging site has the content placed properly and strategically so that nothing skips your readers’ eyes.

5) Hire WordPress Expert

WordPress blog development is so dear to its users for one big reason – designing a blog requires little to no coding knowledge. Everything is present right in front of you. Starting from templates to layouts to colours, images and fonts, it equips users with almost everything. But to make use of this platform to the fullest, it is only appropriate that you hire a WordPress expert.

Employing services of a professional will not only help you to get the best out of WordPress, but will also allow you to have your blog customized in any number of ways you want. Additionally, it will also save you a lot of time. That’s because with little coding knowledge, designing the blog will be like a trial-and-error method, but your WordPress expert can achieve the desired objectives quickly and accurately.

6) Keep Posting, Keep Updating

Blogging is all about active posting. The more active and updated your blog is, the more visitors it gets. Simply putting up an inactive blog is a complete waste of time. A thumb rule to follow here is that once you’re determined and decided, prepare some posts beforehand. In this way, you will be able to get started with blogging right away.

Another important thing to remember is that WordPress is big with updates and its themes and plug-ins keep getting updated. So a good thing would be to ask your WordPress expert to keep the back-end updated too while you take care of the front-end.


The six points mentioned above are your keys to get started with your blogging in the most effective ways. But it is important that you understand your requirements, decide on your goals and fix a budget as that will help you to align your choices accordingly. So what are you waiting for? You are only a login away.

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