Working in India: A View from Europe

 Working in India: A View from Europe

India is associated with spirituality, ancient tradition, culture, religion and a variety of smells and colours. But also an emerging world power, where tradition meets the modern digital age.

India offers an exceptional culture as well as excellent career prospects, great weather and a strong economy. India is the seventh largest economy in the world and thus offers a lot of potential for the future, a wide range of opportunities to pursue a professional career or gain first valuable experience abroad. From internships to permanent employment or volunteering, you will find everything here!

Working in India: These Jobs and Fields of Work are Particularly in Demand

India is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. However, there is a lack of well-trained personnel, especially in the IT sector and the business sector. Well-trained, ambitious specialists, technicians and engineers are also in high demand.

In India, experts from abroad are in great demand, especially for management positions. This is because the training of engineers and computer scientists is only mixed. However, the filling of further positions with other foreign specialists is made more difficult due to various regulations, which means that it is not easy to hire additional engineers and computer scientists from abroad.

The sector’s development was driven by the relocation of mainly US companies to India. Companies are relocating part of their value chain as well, as there are well-qualified Indian IT professionals who have good English language skills and demand lower wages.


In the coming years, especially engineers specializing in renewable energies will have good opportunities. Due to the rapidly growing population, the country must massively expand its energy production. In addition to conventional energy sources, renewable energies such as water, solar or wind energy should also make a major contribution. The aim is to increase renewable energy capacities and their share in electricity generation.
The country offers exciting business contacts for engineers and computer scientists, both as an employee and a freelancer.
The lack of training is due to two main factors. In India, it is often the parents who determine the career path of their offspring, which means that the self-motivation of the graduates is not high. In addition, engineering education is often very theoretical, which means that graduates need to get work experience after graduation.

Computer Scientist

For India, the IT industry is of high importance, thus making the country one of the leading nations in the field of information technology. The IT sector creates jobs for about 12 million people, accounts for 25% of total exports and generates about 7.5% of gross domestic product.

Similar to engineers, the level of training is a major challenge here. Many of the graduates are not yet ready for the job market and need further training before they can be employed.

India’s IT industry has grown strongly in recent decades with hundreds of domestic and foreign companies and more than three million active employees in the industry.

Four areas dominate the Indian IT industry:

  • the development of customized software and software services
  • the outsourcing of business processes (Business Process Outsourcing, BPO)
  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • Engineering services (engineering services)

Export solutions are mainly achieved with application development, software testing, the management of IT infrastructures or system integration and consulting. But revenues are also generated through call centers, accounting services or other forms of customer service. The so-called BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies now work for more than 200 multinational companies in almost 70 different countries.


As you can see, living and working in India is very different from working in Europe. This is mainly due to the cultural and traditional differences between countries. In any case, the decision to move to India will bring big changes for you. This decision will change and shape your personal and professional development.


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