Working to Keep Driving Records Flawless!

 Working to Keep Driving Records Flawless!

Often times getting a traffic ticket can cause an overload of emotions such as stress, confusion, aggravation, panic and more. The well-established team at Traffic Ticket Aurora can help you out of what can be a difficult situation, and provide the guidance and support needed to confidently reassure you that the right team of professionals is on your side. Serving the community for many years, the skilled professionals at Car Accident Newmarket can save the day, and your driving record.

With an outstanding track record of proven success, and popular presence within the York Region area, Traffic Ticket Aurora owns up to their professional demeanor by getting the best results for each client regardless of the offence. Car Accident Newmarket brings many years of experience and knowledge into the court room each and every time. 

Every client receives not only the best service in the industry but most importantly a transparent and professional representative who will work to secure the best end result despite the severity of the offence on the ticket. 

Traffic Ticket Aurora is a go to recognized business that thrives off of successful cases, and new and recurring customers. Some of the common reasons for traffic tickets is often handheld devices while driving, DUI charges and stunt driving, all very serious offences that Car Accident Newmarket has a strong handle on and strong background in.

In addition, other types of ticket violations that Traffic Ticket Aurora can assist with could include speeding, driving without insurance, failing to stop, careless driving, driving under suspension and many more.

Visit the website today at for a free consultation, and to get immediate assistance on your traffic violation. The worst thing someone can do is to wait when really the process of getting the ticket taken care of is urgent. Car Accident Newmarket can take care of any uncertainty and address all questions.


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