World Wrestling Entertaining China Spy Games ElonMusk Mammoth Ego With Social Scammers

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World Wrestling Entertainment Stands Out

WWE CEO Vince McMahon owned screwed for bisexual talents. His rainbow relations with men and women came to the fore for each one’s entertainment, Where he earlier possessed exclusive rights. Though clearly, anyone in the Entertainment Industry effortlessly wins a Horny badge.


China Keeps Sneaking Back and Forth

China spy games show they are not confident about themselves; they want to keep an eye on every country in the Universe. Recently, two Chinese spies went detained in Noida, India. Along the other end, China has been using TikTok to gain information on the USA. TikTok previously had been banned in the United States; we see no reason for this to happen again. But if President Biden sees the broader picture, which he refuses to, it’s not TikTok; China needs to get banned.


Artwork by DiyaSaini

ElonMusk Has An Overwhelming Ego Problem

ElonMusk, on one of his space trips, seized an Alien who has gone trained by him to exercise on his Twitter account. This Alien puts his hand on his head and reads his thoughts continue to generate endless tweets for him. ElonMusk continues to remain blind to the beauty of Alien & refuses to read what crap is going to the World. But if his employees show him the mirror, he ends up making them vanish.


Artwork by DiyaSaini

LinkedIn Scammers Hub

LinkedIn woke up after many people set up red flags knocking on their doors asking for their money, saying you’re housing thieves; if you’re not responsible, who pays. LinkedIn is currently digging into who to blame by putting posters on Social Media Platforms,” The one who accepts the blame will earn a lifetime premium membership on LinkedIn.”


Artwork by DiyaSaini

The Trophy belongs To…

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Elon Musk’s Inability To Comprehend Himself

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