XchangeOn Review: Is XchangeOn a good trading platform for newcomers

 XchangeOn Review: Is XchangeOn a good trading platform for newcomers

With thousands of cryptocurrencies afloat in the market, the means of buying, selling, and trading them are yet quite a few. Even if they do grow in number, there still is a lot that matters beyond just the availability of a trading platform. 

Key Elements of a Good Trading Platform:

Any good Crypto trading platform should comprise of the following elements/characteristics:

  1. Security
  2. User Friendly
  3. Detailed Charts
  4. Diversified Trading Features

When it comes to monetary transactions, security is the biggest concern. It would be disastrous if the funds go missing during a trade. Even if an exchange is secure enough, there still is a probability of human error if the platform does not offer a user-friendly interface. The traders might get confused and may end up in trouble. Lastly, for any typical crypto trading platform, users will only be attracted to it if there are multiple trading options and the users have enough to play around with.

Does XchangeOn meet these essentials?

XchangeOn is a rather fresh crypto trading platform just launched a couple of months ago by Innovation Factory. The trading platform was launched as an ecosystem project for BFICoins and XchangeOn has exclusive trading rights for BFICoins.

Being in its initial phase, XchangeOn has managed to establish a completely secure environment for traders. This is one of the most crucial aspects where most of the fresh crypto trading platforms struggle for years. However, XchangeOn has successfully completed over $1 million of trading volume, and an Initial Exchange Offering to buy bficoin within a month, with foolproof security.

Currently, XchangeOn only offers spot trading. The developers intend to bring more features as well but the plan is to introduce one feature at a time with maximum effectiveness and zero issues. 

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Will XchangeOn offer diversified trading features:

Innovation Factory has planned a full-on upgrade for XchangeOn, and the team intends to make it the best crypto exchange ever. Although the platform has initiated with only spot trading, yet the exchange will feature advanced trading features in its upcoming updates, such as:

  1. Copy Trading
  2. Margin Trading
  3. Arbitrage Trading
  4. Future Trading
  5. NFT Trading
  6. Forex Trading

Impressive right? But there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Both forex and crypto trading will be available on XchangeOn with the facilitation of copy trading, arbitrage trading, margin trading and futures trading. This is as good as it gets.

Arbitrage Trading:

The Arbitrage Trading feature will make XchangeOn the most superior crypto trading platform. As of now, none of the crypto exchanges has this feature. Arbitrage trading is currently available only at a few forex trading platforms. XchangeOn will be the first crypto trading platform to introduce arbitrage trading. 

This new feature enables crypto traders to buy and sell crypto across multiple exchanges simultaneously. In short, XchangeOn will become a one-stop crypto trade & exchange platform. 

Will Newcomers be attracted to XchangeOn?

XchangeOn is super user-friendly and has the potential to not only attract newcomers, but it will also attract professional crypto traders that are currently forced to trade their crypto assets on less competitive exchanges. With the listed upgrades and upcoming features, XchangeOn will undoubtedly be the biggest crypto exchange platform in near future beating Binance, KuCoin, Okex, and other mainstream crypto trading platforms.


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