You need to be more grateful

Many studies have been published after years of extensive research about the effectiveness of being grateful which produces positive development in nearly every aspect of health and well-being. It mentions that it boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure, makes you feel more energetic, decreases your chances of depression and improves your love life. Some of the major benefits of gratitude are:-

  • Being thankful or grateful can overall improve your health in both direct and indirect ways. Research claims that it provides a sense of calming effect and induce a sense of relaxation.YOU NEED TO BE MOREGRATEFUL also helps to cultivate heathy habits such as eating more nutritious food, exercising, and avoiding perilous behaviour. In addition, the level of optimism that originates being grateful can actually create a healing attitude.
  • Exercising gratitude makes you better equipped to handle the uncertainty of life. In fact, according to many psychiatristsit’s an essential part of the process of healing from any traumatic experience.
  • Many survivors of the Holocaust, when asked to tellstories about their emotional journey, remember mostly about the strong feelings of gratitude for clothes, food, shelter that was provided to them. The sense of thankfulness for the small offerings helped them to maintain their humanity even in such horrific circumstances.
  • GRATITUDE IS MORE THAN YOU THINK.Ithelps to maintain a healthy day-to-day relationship with your partner. Couples who practice gratitude towards each other experience greater level of Intimacy, longevity, endurance and trust each other more than before.
  • Relish the good moments. If you’re feeling happy pay attention to it, notice how your body is experiencing the magical sensation. Later, when you’re trying to galvanize gratitude, you can remember this moment and experience it all over again. Moreover, try to HELP OTHERS TO HELP YOURSELF.

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