Your Golfing Guide to Choosing the Best Starter Golf Clubs

 Your Golfing Guide to Choosing the Best Starter Golf Clubs

Golfing is a difficult game, no matter what kind of clubs you have. That said, the right clubs make a world of difference when it comes to your success. This is especially true as you’re starting out. 

The right clubs let you form your swing properly and shake out any flaws that you have right off the bat. You’ll hit the bar farther with more accuracy if you get the right clubs, too. 

We’re going to look at things to consider when choosing the best starter golf clubs. Hopefully, the ideas below help you put your best foot forward on the course. 

Let’s get started. 

Get Fitted for Clubs

The first thing to do is swing by a golf shop and have yourself measured. The professionals at the shop will tell you the length of the club you need.

This is a very important thing to do. If you don’t get fitted before you buy your first clubs, odds are that you won’t buy a new set of clubs for a year or two and that’s the most important point for the development of your golf swing. 

The right length of clubs will improve your game but it’ll also get you familiar with the proper stance, the degree of force to use in your swing, and how to play particular shots. 

Avoid Non-Essentials

At first, you don’t need clubs that aren’t absolutely necessary. Clubs like the 60-degree or a full set of fairway woods won’t help you all that much for the first year or so of play. 

Sure, there are situations where you could use them, but they only confuse things while you start to understand the game. Get a good driver, putter, set of golf irons, and single fairway wood. You can shop golf drivers and look for one that you’ll keep for a few years.

When it comes to wedges, try to get one that you can use in a lot of situations. If you learn a single wedge well, you can apply that knowledge to other wedges when the time comes. 

A solid 56-degree or 54-degree wedge is good for chipping and most shots under 100 yards. 

Play a Few Rounds With Temporary Clubs

One of the best ways to choose good clubs off the bat is to practice with clubs that aren’t right for you for a couple of rounds. Go out with your friends and ask if you can use their clubs. 

Note the things that you like about different clubs. Explore the full range of their bag and get a feel for what you might be interested in. That way, you’ll have some references when it comes time to invest in your own golf club sets. 

Looking for the Best Starter Golf Clubs?

Hopefully, our ideas on finding the best starter golf clubs were useful to you. There’s more to learn if you really want to fine-tune things, though. We’re here to help. 

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