Your guide to DocuTap EMR software in 2021

 Your guide to DocuTap EMR software in 2021

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have now become a fundamental part of every healthcare facility. These software solutions are a much more efficient replacement for traditional paper-based systems. As more and more impressive EMR vendors emerge in the industry, selecting the most suitable solution for your specialty and clinical needs has become more difficult than ever. In this article, we will explore one of the most user-friendly EHR solutions – DocuTap EMR. This software solution is neck-to-neck with powerful features that help clinicians to optimize clinical efficiency and improve patient care.

DocuTap EMR – An Overview

Established in 2000, DocuTap EMR is a cloud-based solution that primarily focuses on electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management (PM) customized for facilities that require urgent care specialties including both occupational health and pediatrics. This ONC-ATCB and meaningful use authorized platform helps providers boost their revenue and adapt to paperless workflows. It allows users to manage their patient records, insurance documents, and other registration information.

Services that this software offers include lab integration, e-prescribing, and a patient portal where the patients can access their health records easily before coming in for a checkup. In addition, DocuTap comes with business intelligence and analytics that give you in-depth data so you can discover clinical and financial trends to improve your clinic staffing.

The software includes templates that you can lock for consistency across your practice. There is an easy-to-use charting module that makes it possible for staff members to document at the same chart at the same time to facilitate care across multiple departments. Moreover, it has a practice management system that supports real-time insurance verification, patient check-ins, a scheduling queue, as well as easy to read customer receipts. 

Top 5 DocuTap features to streamline your practice tasks

Based on top DocuTap EMR reviews, we have shortlisted the top 5 features healthcare practitioners love (and think you will too.)

Patient Portal 

One of the most appreciated aspects attributed to this software solution is its patient portal feature. It saves providers a lot of time and effort as patients can update their information on their own before an upcoming visit and can even schedule their appointments by choosing a time slot that suits them.

This feature enables the clinical staff to keep patient data synthesized in one place for the provider to look through. Not only this, but patients can also communicate securely with their physicians and keep track of their appointments. User reviews for this product also suggest that it is incredibly useful and lets patients actively participate in their care process.

Customizable Templates

Ease of use is what most clinicians look for when it comes to EHR implementation. Since a one-size-fits-all EMR is designing for several different specialties and is a broad scale in its approach, at times healthcare providers can find such generic systems hard to use because their templates might also be too generic for their area of specialization.

However, DocuTap seems to have you covered in this case. You can customize your templates and change it to suit your workflow requirements. This also helps you reduce the learning curve with the software as you can change new templates according to the ones you have already used.


Implementing an EHR system that promises a good dashboard is always a plus-plus. Most providers prefer dashboards that are not only functional but also visually appealing. With DocuTap, you get exactly the same. If you want to be sure of its benefits. You can always explore the dashboard feature during the DocuTap EMR Demo.

Watching the tutorial will make you understand whether or not this EMR is the right fit for you and give you a chance to explore the dashboard and other features. You can also personalize some aspects of the dashboard to suit your specialty needs better.

Remote Access

Technological advancements have revolutionized the way we practice healthcare. DocuTap also takes full advantage of the latest technologies and offers apps that are compatible with iOS and Android interfaces. So you can use your software solution remotely and deliver care on the go. This EMR is cloud-based, which means users can access it from anywhere around the globe and it is not housed in a particular system.

Revenue Management

Revenue cycle management is a crucial aspect of every healthcare business. Most of the time, it is the toughest part of the job. Because it requires you to ensure that billing is done right and on time. However, DocuTap takes all your billing woes away as it efficiently reduces the number of human errors. Those are likely to occur during the billing process. Moreover, this enables providers to focus more on their practice rather than the billing aspect of it. 

The system is also capable of sending out reminders for late payments. You don’t have to be on top of it at all times. Based on top DocuTap EMR reviews, users find this feature highly useful as it saves them. Money from having to hire an accountant to handle the billing process.

Pricing details

DocuTap EMR Pricing plans are not sharing openly by the vendor. To get a billing plan for your organization, you can request the vendor for a price quote.

Should you invest in DocuTap?

DocuTap EMR is a comprehensive hospital management software that is user-friendly and can be used on mobile devices. This easy-to-use solution works efficiently and offers robust features to help you deliver the best patient care possible. Now the answer to this question certainly depends on what your healthcare facility looks like. What do you expect from your EMR implementation?

If the features mentioned above are what you look for to target your practice problems, then go for it. In the end, it all comes down to the requirements of your practice. If you think that DocuTAP could cater to them, then you have a winner! You can also request its demo version to find out how it will adapt to your healthcare setting.


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